I guess it was only a matter of time before I received my first true spam via Facebook. I will occasionally get emails from bands I like or whatever, but that’s not really spam because I actively “liked” them on Facebook, so I don’t really mind getting messages from them. But today was the first unsolicited message I received and it was a doozy. It came in the form of a friend request. The name was one that I did not recognize, but that doesn’t mean much either – there have been a few occasions when I’ve gotten a friend request from someone whose name I didn’t recognize, but only because they were using their married name. I thought “that must be the case here.” So I opened her request.

And when I did click the request, I was staring at a completely naked woman sitting on a couch. Whom I did not know. Then I found myself wondering – wait, do I actually know this person? So I wracked my brain, looking at her, uh, face…..trying to figure out if I knew her from somewhere. And I’m pretty convinced I don’t. Gosh, I hope I don’t.

And so begins the inexorable march towards Facebook spam. It happened with Friendster, it happened with MySpace and it will happen with Facebook. The lifespan of these social networks is typically 3-5 years of “peak” traffic and then the trend downward. While I agree that Facebook is the most powerful social network we’ve seen yet, I remain pretty convinced that it, too, will have its downfall and be replaced by another social-network-of-the-year.