My name is Jeff Copetas. I was born in Worcester, MA on May 5, 1971 and grew up in Lancaster, MA. I played a lot of hockey as a youngster and caught the music bug around 9 or 10 years old, listening to my parents vinyl records on their Scott stereo system. I still play quite a bit of hockey and currently have 7,796 8,038 songs in my ITunes library.

Here’s some other stuff about me:

  • I did my first few months of college at Northeastern University in Boston, and then transferred to Kent State University, where I graduated in 1994 with a degree in Radio-Television Production.
  • I was standing about 5 feet from Blue Jays dugout in the 3rd base TV camera area when Joe Carter hit the home run to win the 1993 World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays and then I even got to celebrate in the locker room with them afterwards.
  • The day after my college graduation, I met and worked for Oprah Winfrey for 5 days on a freelance assignment
  • I worked for VH1 for their coverage of the opening of the Rock-and-Roll Hall Of Fame, which culminated in a very large concert. I gave Al Green a ride in a golf cart, I was face-to-face with Johnny Cash, saw Bob Dylan teaching Tom Petty a song and witnessed an awesome temper tantrum by Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.
  • I once brought Tim McCarver a cake on national television for his birthday
  • I took an 11,000 mile road trip around the perimeter of the United States in March and April of 1995. The car, a 1989 Subaru GL, only broke down twice.
  • My post-college work includes being a video-editor for a large computer company, a promotion and publicity guy for Rounder Records, running my own indie record label and two stints at failed internet companies.
  • For the past seven years I have employed in the Business Development group at Ask.com
  • I was married to my wife Stephanie on July 23 of 2004. We went on our first date on February 10, 2000 and saw the movie The Hurricane. We have twin boys, Nathan and Zachary, born in June of 2007.
  • I have NO patience in traffic or trying to find parking spots.
  • I love a beautiful night at a major league ballpark.
  • I love you