I’ve come to the realization that Stevie Nicks jus…

I’ve come to the realization that Stevie Nicks just plain sucks. I have a very high appreciation and respect for the ’70s gold sounds of Fleetwood Mac – authors of so many great pop songs, and I always lumped Nicks in there with them. Thinking about it in golf terms, though, she got a total mulligan in all facets of the game. In the 1970s, she got by on a distinctive (note I didn’t say “good”) voice and the fact that she was all spinning, scarfy, witchy and mysterious, not to mention good looking. All of her strongest songs featured Lindsay Buckingham singing at equal volume with her: “The Chain,” “Never Going Back Again” and “Second Hand News,” among others. Now think about the ones she sings on her own: “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” “Gypsy,” and one of her worst ever, “Dreams.” Dreams is the utterly painful one where you can’t figure out one single phrase she’s singing other than “thunder only happens when it’s raining.”

See what I mean here? She sucks and I cannot even understand half her lyrics because when she sings it sounds like she’s had 47 vodkas. It sounds so slurred. Her solo career only adds fuel to my argument. “Edge of Seventeen” might be one of the single worst songs ever made – “Just like the wide winged dove?” Come on. Give me a break. However, look at her collaborations: singing with Tom Petty on “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” – now that was a good song; I never made a final decision on “Leather and Lace,” the one Nicks sang with Don Henley, but I don’t think it’s as horrendous as Rhiannon or anything. There is one song, however, where Nicks shines, and that song is “Silver Springs.” For some reason, she pulls this one off without reminding me of sitting in the passenger seat in the 1970s in the musty smell of my family’s old Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang, dried out, cracked dashboards and all. The smell was a combination of the intense humidity of the northeast and stale cigarette smoke. My parents were big smokers, a habit they’ve long since abandoned, thankfully. By the way, what was up with those vinyl seats in the ’70s? The heat and humidity back then caused the vinyl seats to loosly resemble the feeling like you were sitting on the sun.

Anyway, I acknowledge that it’s a unique theory – a person who sucks singing solo in a song, but sounds mostly great in duets. I suppose it’s better than Linda McCartney, right?

Warren Zevon – “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” (how weird is that???)

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  • Tess

    “Just like the wide winged dove?” Come on.

    It's “just like the WHITE winged dove.”

  • Tess

    “Just like the wide winged dove?” Come on.

    It’s “just like the WHITE winged dove.”

  • Mike

    She can sing, but she thinks waaaaaaaaay too much of herself and now she’s an old granny who keeps ranting ;-)

  • Bunky

    I just saw her on The Voice and HATED her. There was a South Park episode years back where they compared her singing to a goat and I have never listened to her the same way since. She sucks!

  • Justin

    Wow, I had to google the phrase “Stevie Nicks sucks” after seeing her perform on America’s Got Talent tonight. I can honestly say I had really never heard of her…and now I never want to EVER again. She sounded like an old retarded goat singing karaoke. BAD karaoke. How does someone like this pass as a professional entertainer?

  • Anonymous

    ^ lol same here

  • scaryroxxxtar

    Lmao…I googled the phrase stevie nicks sucks after watching her on AGT,TOO!

  • Chuck

    Sure, liked her in Rumors but that’s it. Google Stevie Nicks Sucks after last night American Horror Story. I was surprised they had her on ’cause I always saw the Stevie Nicks thing on the show as a joke. Oh she sucked on that show, worse than a goat.

  • stevlin

    Stevie always sounded like a goat. A goat in pain.

  • Dean

    She is a good song writer and looks great but unfortunately she can’t sing and never could. She made a record in 1979 called Sara which was nice though.

  • Anonymous

    You all suck balls. Stevie Nicks is still the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll! A career lasting over 40 years…

  • Anonymous

    You are right, she is ancient!

  • Mark

    She never had a good voice. She has always sucked. Fleetwood Mac has sucked ever since Peter Green left, although Bare Trees is a good album.

  • Burt

    Saw the film she and Dave Stewart made about the making of her album “In Your Dreams” — is that the title? Anyway, it, and she, are plain dreadful. Man, does she take herself seriously. And man, is she one godawful “singer.” No range, a rough bleat, and the exact same phrasing to almost every measure, the final syllable starting on one note and sliding down — sing the second and third notes of “Three Blind Mice,” that’s her insanely overused vocal move.

    She talks oh-so-seriously about her creative process, about converting her “poetry” to “lyrics.” What that means is that she, the little bowling ball, pens out whatever horribly trite drivel that pops into her head about some facet of love or longing and later three blind mices it along with whatever Stewart or one of the others plays for her, making it “poetry” by repeating the most hackneyed line three times as a chorus or whatever. At one point she explains how she was deeply stricken by the Hurricane Katrina tragedies and set out to write a “poem” (think dashed-off postcard message) that captured the true and serious essence of New Orleans. As it turned out, the centerpiece of the song is her seeing herself “wearing beads on Bourbon Street.” Yeah.

    How the pro musicians who lowered themselves to record with her kept from rolling their eyes or bursting out laughing was the most remarkable component of the recording process and the “film.”

    Lucky, lucky, lucky person who was carried along by Fleetwood Mac and then packaged for album-oriented rock radio. Her fans have got to be unanimously tone deaf and tin-eared and a little nuts to actually take a Stevie Nicks CD into hand, insert it in a player and hit “play.” How does that happen?

  • Dee

    Thank you Burt for elaborating on what I have thought about Nicks since the very beginning. I am a jazz singer and it’s just so hard to believe that someone with such an awful voice makes millions and truly great jazz musicians and singers are scraping by. What the hell is wrong with the American public….are they all tone deaf? I too saw her film and was appalled at how great she thinks she is. The film starts out with dozens of people on the street saying how great she and her voice are…that she is their favorite singer….the best singer of all time, etc. What kind of egomaniac produces something like this about herself? I don’t know of any truly talented singer or musician who would do this. I have come to see her as a joke and just wish that she would disappear.

  • Tony Gunn

    Since she has millions of fans and dollars you all come off as jealous. What the fuck have YOU done? You want to talk about so called “poets” with bad voices? Number 1 would be Bob Dylan and #2 is Neil Young. Now there are two douches that think too highly of themselves. As if any of you haters are qualified to pass judgement citing stupid fucking tv shows as any qualifiers to your juvenile statements. And if you are “new country” music fans?, Tom Petty said it perfect, “Its just shitty rock”. Stevie Nicks can laugh at you from her mountains of cash. But really, WTF have ANY of YOU done. She will be loved long after your Fucktard asses are dead and buried.

  • Tony Gunn

    BTW. IF you never saw any truly talented musician make a self promoting movie then you been living in a cave. I refer you to Dylan, Young, Stones, White Stripes, Police, anyone EVER on Behind the Music, Beatles, ANYONE THAT WAS EVER IN A VIDEO ON MTV OR VH1. Fleetwood Mac WITH Peter Green? Its called “music business” as in SELL ALBUMS. Which is how Fleetwood Mac sold shitloads with addition of Nicks and Buckingham. Good thing Buckingham held out for Nicks to join the Mac as HER songs tended to be top performers in charting, which is what matters in the industry of the day. She also stood out as a performer. Lets see any haters command the stage in their 60s. Got talent? Then get yours. If not? STFU.

  • Neville

    Compare her voice to the great easy on the ears singers like Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton John, Helen Reddy, Agnetha from ABBA these women could sing and had beautiful voices, Nicks Sounds like she has Flu I can’t make out what she is saying. She is a talented song writer sure ans she is beautiful no question about that but I am sir she needs singing lessons or something. i just don’t like her voice as much as I try to listen to her.

  • Anonymous

    Stevie Nicks ruined fleet wood Mac. Her voice is AWFUL. Her only discernible talent was fucking every tool in sight (Don Henley) and getting coke blown up her asshole. I hope she dies a slow and painful death for poisoning the air waves with gutless soft rock pablum that killed rock n roll.

  • Anonymous

    Her worst ever songs are in the Tango in the Night LP there is a real stinker called Seven Wonders and this awful one called Welcome to the room Sara, she owes her career to Lindsey who was a talented guy and the best thing about Fleetwood Mac I would rather listen to him over her any day. I have the Album Tango in the Night i just skip her songs. The track she did called Gypsy so i am back to the velvevey a unergoun back to the flaw to a room with sun rays an vapour fowers that’s all I hear when I hear that song Mick Fleetwood and crew have they never had the guts to tell her look love, you can’t sing for shyte.

  • Jennifer

    @Tony Gunn:
    A musician being asked to appear on Behind the Mask and one making a self-indulgent documentary about themselves and the recording of a sub-part piece of garbage album are two entirely different things. She is incredibly full of herself these days and that documentary was no more than a long “hey, look at me, I’m Stevie Nicks and you need to buy my fantastic record”. This is the same woman who said she was releasing In Your Dreams for the love of the music then when it didn’t sell as many copies as she wanted came out and said that “Moi” deserves better than those low sales. Lots of love for the music there, huh?

    Stevie Nicks had absolutely zero business on American Horror Story. Course, Coven was pretty awful to start with but it ended up being one big Ryan Murphy Stevie Nicks fanboi session which was incredibly annoying. She didn’t “deliver” her lines, she couldn’t even lip synch properly. It was painful to watch.

    As for her singing/songwriting: between 1973 and 2001 she did write and sing some good songs. She used to have a much softer, less grating and annoying voice. But years of drug addictions, smoking and boozing it up have taken that voice, however good/bad it might have been to start with, and damaged it beyond repair. Now, she truly does do the South Park episode true justice. The quarter-sized hole in her nose makes her sound like her nose is full of snot and nothing ruins a song more than hearing that. The decline of her voice has been rapid and constant the past several years leaving me absolutely unable to listen to anything she sings anymore without cringing.

    To the people who say “Stevie Nicks MADE Fleetwood Mac”, remember this: you never would have known the name “Stevie Nicks” were it not for Lindsey Buckingham. After Bob Welch departed the band, Mick Fleetwood was looking for a new lead guitarist. He stopped by the studio where Buckingham and Nicks were recording and heard a song from their self-titled record and liked what he heard. He then asked Buckingham and Buckingham ALONE to join the band. He didn’t want Nicks. Lindsey told Fleetwood that he would join only if Stevie could join as well. It was a package deal or nothing kind of offer. Fleetwood wanted Buckingham so he took Nicks after Christine McVie gave her OK for another woman to be in the band. So, despite how much Nicks remembers history how SHE wants to see it, she never would have been sitting there spouting off her drivel in that documentary were it not for that man she hates so much; the one that keeps her craziness in line; the one who has taken so many of her truly horrible demos and turned them into great songs. I think she needs to be just a little nicer to him and give him credit for everything she is today.

    And now what is next on her list? An album of “vault songs”: a bunch of old demos and outtakes she “found on You Tube” that she has re-recorded and will be released around October. Wow, this is just further proof to me that she truly is creatively bankrupt these days. When Fleetwood Mac released their EP last year, Buckingham was able to contribute new, original music. What did Nicks contribute? An old demo from the 70’s. Now, here she goes again with no new material. When the new Fleetwood Mac record with the beautiful Christine McVie is released next year I don’t expect any new Nicks music on it, either. Just more old recycled demos.

    Stevie Nicks is a sad, spoiled little princess that sees the world the way she wants to see it and not how it really is.

    And every single bit of this was said by someone who used to (notice I said “used to”) be a massive Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks fan. I was one of the die-hards that grew up and started living in reality. More Stevie Nicks fans need to do the exact same thing. I’m truly glad I found this post because it sure is nice to see people who can speak honestly about Stevie Nicks without fear of the “Flying Monkey’s” attacking them. ;)

  • Jennifer

    I need to make a correction:

    That should read “Behind the Music” and not “Behind the Mask”. Behind the Mask is a Fleetwood Mac record. Sorry about that. lol

  • Stevie Fan

    I like Tony’s comment. Please give STEVIE a Break. She paid her dues to get to where she is now. Yes, she recorded a few lemons that Lindsey would have said, No, to, but she’s got plenty of songs that are right on the money for rock n roll. And it was her persona people fell in love with. Please be generous & kind and stop bashing Stevie. Ty.

  • Just because you don’t like an Artist doesn’t mean they are not talented. Stevie Nicks isn’t a technically a great vocalist. What she is, Is a very passionate one. Her voice is true. I cant see how one would not like Stevies older voice. But, to say that she was never a good singer is just not true. In the 70s her voice was unique and lovely. In the 80s she was a powerhouse. A Rock Diva, With cooing sensuality. I’ve seen her give amazing and moving performances over the past year.Overrated? Stevie Nicks has to be the most underrated female Artist ever. Strong, Inttelegent, Fragile ,Esoteric, Unique, Sensual, Poetic, Beautiful and a Legend. I love and respect her.

  • Beauty and the Beast, The Chain demo, Bell Fluer piano demo, Leather and Lace any early demo, Has anyone written anything for you are only a few of Stevie Nicks brilliant songs.Ill even dare to say her solo career may be better than her career with Mac. Stevie Nicks comes from a time when people made Albums. That is her strength. Some of her best songs never got raidio play. Not because they werent good enough, Brcause they were better. School yourselves before passing judgment. She a true artist.

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  • Anonymous

    I like Stevie, but damn she is way too egotistic these days!! First off, that piece of shit compilation called “sound city” just made her seem ridiculous! First off all they do is talk about how great they are and how much the music industry sucks now. Just because your old worn out asses can’t sell a record for shit these days doesn’t mean modern music sucks. Secondly, they feel that because music isn’t made on vinyl anymore, it’s cheap. Fuck off! I swear these people like dave grohl, Neil young, Tom petty and stevie are absolute egomaniacs! “Rock and roll is the purist form of music around!” No Tom and dave, it’s not. With all the sex, drugs, death and ripping off of black blues musicians you’ve never heard of, it’s by far one of the most impure. And as for nicks, next time you make an album and claim that’s its just for the music, try not making a self indulgent documentary after it tanks on the charts. Btw the new album she’s coming out with “24 karat gold” is probably going to tank too. Just look at all the hype she’s trying to create! Lol. She’s desperate!

  • DowntownMall

    I have been a die-hard fan since I was 11 and heard Rhiannon for the first time. But…I find myself feeling nothing but disappointed with every cloying interview, every rehash of old demos of songs written long ago, every different permutation of black outfit, every grammatical mistake (and they are pervasive)…

  • DowntownMall

    …and every time she likens herself to Bob Dylan. I respect her for working so hard. But I haven’t heard any good new stuff since 1987. The good recent releases were, more often than not, written before that date also. Check and see. It’s true. To circle back to the post that started this conversation, well–that’s someone who doesn’t actually know SN’s music that well (and doesn’t want to, clearly, but that is okay). The following were not in fact her songs: “The Chain,” “Never Going Back Again” and “Second Hand News.” She sings backup on those, however. Thanks for letting me vent.

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  • Anonymous

    This old goat can’t sing for shit anymore. Sure, she had some good songs in the 70s and 80s, but now most of her work is just plain trash.

  • Anonymous

    The woman can write, perform and has been at the top of her game for most of her forty year career without having to pull off her clothes. Understanding that she is a harmony singer, she has been filling concert halls for decades. She’s got it. Robert Plant isn’t going to give you 1973 Zeppelin concerts anymore but he’s still great. Know what it is to do what they do and still be successful. Where will you be forty years into your career?

  • Bea

    This post is such a relief!!! I have NEVER liked her music, her voice, her self-serving attitude, stagnant persona or anything else about her. She’s a deity to insecure women. I’m researching her tonight because I’m in the school of, if you don’t like it odds are you don’t understand it….but the more I learn about her, the less I like her. This thing about her aborting Don Henley’s baby popped into my websurfing….and I’m thinking, why the hell is she talking about this? It couldn’t be ANYTHING other than a ploy for attention, or pity, which makes her seem even more batsh*t crazy than previously thought. Then I read an interview with her talking about Klonopin and her weight gain, saying “it wasn’t my fault” I was on this medication for eight years, and that if she saw the doctor on the street who prescribed it she might run him over. Where’s the accountability??? Same article (New York Times), why did you wait 10 years between albums Stevie? “I was told touring was the best thing for an old rock singer to do.” I can’t imagine the bullsh*t Mick and Lyndsey had to put up with in the studio! I’d have said, no way! Annex this bitch! It’s no wonder she had to sleep with everybody. The only good mainstream song of Fleetwood Mac’s is “The Chain,” which I am thrilled to learn she didn’t write. Her solo career SUCKED! Edge of Seventeen SUCKS! It’s highway robbery and just plain gross. She grosses me out. Anyway, thanks for the education friends, so relieved to see I’m not alone.

  • Therays

    Ok. I’m so torn! I like her music and respect her career, but she can’t sing. I google Stevie Nicks after watching her on Jimmy Fallon.

  • Karen

    She was horrible on Jimmy Fallon tonight!

  • John

    Her backing Singer Sharon Celani is a talented singer, wonder why she never broke away and recorded on her own

  • Donalea

    She has always been mediocre at best. I put she, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and sorry to say now Chris Daughtry in the same category. They are nasally, lack any range and bleat like sheep when they try to hit a note out of their range (which is limited to start with). I think they all had voice lessons from Buckwheat.

  • Donalea

    Christine was the solo voice along with Lindsey. At best Stevie is a good harmony backup singer with an low range alto voice and a deviated septum.

  • kym

    Wow. No wonder she stays away from the internet. Sure, she’s not perfect but she’s incredibly gifted. She’s been through turmoil and horrible auctions, which coke up her you know what is a rumor. I’ve never seen such ignorant comments about an artist that has accomplished so much as a female. If it wasn’t for Stevie, I’m sorry, FM would have flopped. She may seem full of herself but she deserves it. What female artist today has enough staying power? And obviously since she succeeded in the industry and the claimed artists on here haven’t, shows who is better, huh?

  • kym

    Addictions not auctions*

  • Music

    This woman is so damn annoying! “I hated the witch rumours in the 80s” but then plays her self as a witch in AHS. Always taking about cocaine and fucking Lindsey buckingham! No one gives a shit anymore!!!! We get it you where a coke head and you hate Lindsey buckingham. And don’t get me started on her voice! “Bahhhhh bahhhh bahhh!” Seriously she has the most annoying vibrato of all time! im amazed how she made the Rolling Stones 100 greatest singers list. I’m so sick of her self pity bullshit she’s always shoving down everyone’s throats, just like her annoying ass music. Stand back and talk to me are trash! Edge of seventeen is OK, not great. Landslide is decent and the only actual good songs she had were Sara, Rhiannon and gold dust woman. Everything else sucked.

  • Hector

    This woman’s back up singers are better! Seriously how does anyone thinks her solo music is good? Her new album “24 karat gold” was absolute shit!! Her voice is awful and she has no range! She was okay in the 70s and early 80s, but she is horrible now. Plus she can’t seem to shut up about crack and Lindsey. Guess she never got over the two.

  • She can sing. He voice is just unique. She’s a great songwriter and performer. One of the best.

  • Mina

    One of the best? You must be tone def! She can sing just like anyone else can, just not well! Yes her voice is unique, but unique doesnt mean good! Her range is low, her melodies all sound similar, and her vibrato makes me want to sew my ears shut!

  • Tee

    Stevie’s voice in the 70s was amazing — it wasn’t the classic, professionally trained voice. She had a grit to her and could really belt out some tunes. And I find her voice on Dreams incredibly light, sensual, and delicate — a perfect match for that song.

    She’s not the greatest singer, no. Her voice has changed so much and it’s sad to hear how different all of the songs sound now. But Stevie is and always will be a staple of the 70s and 80s. Her attitude, her personality, her style, her whimsical dancing, the mystery that surrounded her — you’re not giving her enough credit. And to be on the road, still dancing, and still belting out her classics at 66, I’d say that’s remarkable.

    And if you can’t understand the lyrics, how is that her fault? I can understand what she is saying with no problem. Sounds like maybe you’re trying too hard to insult her or take away from her work.

  • john brolin

    Wow, such hate for Stevie, I can’t believe it! She has one of those sultry voices that is sexy and unique, and she had some great songs. She MADE Fleetwood Mac a powerhouse. See her dressing room video “Wild Heart” on youtube for another amazing performance. She simply had it all, and a voice that was so unique you instantly knew who it was.

    Love Steve Nicks, one of the best of all time!

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