Come Again Now?

I interrupt this work week to offer refreshing news. There’s been a lot of talk lately where I work about customer service, so it’s been on my mind. So I don’t know if it was a strange coincidence or someone trying to tell me something, but I had a customer service experience last night that [...]

All You Have To Do Is Act Naturally

Facebook people: just go to the blog for this one to experience this post fully.
The idea of aging gracefully in a rock and roll band is largely non-existent. There just aren’t many (any?) bands who can pull it off. The Rolling Stones are basically cartoons now and have been since, oh, let’s call it 1990. [...]

If I Am Lost, It’s Only For A Little While


This morning was, sadly, the first day I had to wear a fleece upon getting up. Mark it down -autumn. I don’t mind so much since it’s my favorite season, I just find myself wondering how another autumn got here so damn fast. Truly incredible. All you twenty-somethings who shrug off the people telling you [...]


Yesterday (Sunday) my wife and I popped the kids in the car and took a quick drive over to the awesome and recently rebuilt Verril Farm in Concord, MA. We’ve had a very successful summer in terms of eating local this year and while we didn’t visit Verril Farm at all (we have closer farms), [...]