Free Time

Stephanie and I had the rarest of occasions this past Wednesday – 24 hours of free time together. As you may be experiencing yourselves, depending on who is reading this, a period of 24 hours of completely free time happens about as often as Tom Cruise actually being in a movie that is good.
Planning in [...]

Random Snippets

1. I hope ESPN realizes they have completely jumped the shark now. In the past few years, SportsCenter has become utterly unwatchable, as the sportscasters now focus the show entirely on themselves and how stupid they can make themselves sound. They all think they’re so funny. You ever been to a comedy club in a [...]

Real Life

We kid more than we know about “real life.” I always laugh when I see sitcoms, dramas, or movies on TV where there’s a couple in bed, the sun is starting to peek in because its morning and the couple is wrapped together in a slumbering embrace. They awaken, happy and glorious, staring all googly-eyed [...]