Your Weekly Update

Well, folks, this is about the going rate I suspect we’ll see here on the blog going forward. In April, I have posted four times to the blog, an average of once per week. That is a record low in the almost ten years I’ve been doing this. That’s what happens when your commuting time is taken [...]

Check Mate

The oddest things sometimes light the match that flame a memory. Tonight I’m driving down Route 2 west, headed to Fitchburg and I’m about halfway there, in Lancaster. Now, I know I’ve mentioned here at some point that whenever I drive by the old Orchard Hills Skating Rink (which is now a roller skating rink), [...]

I Don’t Know Why You Say Hello, I Say Goodbye

For those of you who aren’t aware, one aspect of my previous job involved trying to get other websites to use Ask search or technologies.  For example, go to this page. If you look on the left hand side of the page, you will see some Ask-powered technology. That is a deal I did. Anyway, [...]

Spin the Wheel

Most of my online activity is going on at Facebook and Twitter these days. I knew it was bound to happen given the new job. The time I used to spend blogging is now spent driving to and fro. I was thinking it might be fun to find some kind of technology that would allow [...]