Spoon. The Band.

I went to see Spoon over the weekend. Talk about a huge break – a show on a Saturday night, with a band I know I will like. That doesn’t happen often anymore. I think I mentioned this before, but I now have fairly strict criteria for seeing bands live. The criteria is this: I [...]

Beautiful Graffiti

As a passenger or a driver, it used to be that I’d drive down the highways around the towns where I grew up and I’d see tons of spray paint, especially on large rocks or bridge overhangs. Mostly it was inane stuff like “LHS 82!” or something like that. Or it was some lame attempt [...]

I Like The Way You Talk

As I have stated before a few times, I try not to make this blog a gushing tribute to my kids or inane banter about things they do. There are plenty of blogs out there for that. But sometimes I just have to report funny little things so when I look back later, I can [...]

Rock or Talk

Now that I’m a commuter again, I thought I’d be really making the IPhone sweat for music during the drives. But a funny thing happened on the way……I somehow have not been listening to music on the commute. Instead, it’s been sports talk radio. Now, let me get something out of the way – I [...]

The New Guy

Starting a new job is pretty crazy. Some people do it every year, so they probably are used to it. The last time I did it was in 2001 and I’m not even sure that counts because nearly all the people I shared an office with in that physical location were not people I ever [...]

Camera Fun

I’m fooling around with a photo tool called the “ToyCamera ColorAnalog.” Yeah, that’s a mouthful. These guys clearly aren’t marketers at heart, but the tool is neat. It can turn any photograph you take into something that looks like it was shot from a……toy camera. Hence the name. Yeah, you can do this in Photoshop, [...]

High On Adrenaline – It’s A New Day

This is my last week at Ask.com and the subject line of this post really says it all. Not because I hate Ask or anything, but because I’ve found a new challenge that really gets my blood pumping. Ask has been VERY good to me and I will be forever grateful to that company – [...]