Super Bowl!

Did you notice that you’re not hearing on the news or reading any articles about how expensive Super Bowl ads are this year? It’s not because it won’t be a good game. I assume it will. I don’t follow football religiously, but the teams in the Super Bowl are both 14-2. It’s mostly because large [...]

Quick and Easy

Time to take a spin around the world of the utterly ridiculous (these are all very quick reads):

This guy had the right idea in finding a career!
Ah, roller coaster faces. Always funny. Some are clearly staged, but still. Funny.
I really wanted to do stuff like this in college. I was too chicken.
No explanation needed. Brilliant.
Do [...]

It’s A Media World

I keep hearing about Apple’s intentions to craft a version of ITunes that sits on a browser instead of it being an application that sits on your desktop. What this means, for those of you that have no idea what I just typed, is that you’d be able to use your ITunes and listen to [...]

Childhood: For Hire

As a kid, I spent a lot of time in my room, in relative solitude. I’ve always just liked it that way and I still do today. One of the biggest adjustments for me when the twins were born was less of that. I was never a loner as a kid, but I always loved [...]


I don’t do good with tragedies. Or death. I guess not many people do. Oh, I want to be informed, I want to know what’s going on, so I do read the main stories, but I can’t go much deeper. Mostly because I can’t bear to hear about people who’ve lost their entire families, their [...]


A recent exercise has me thinking about smaller watershed moments in my life. Going off to college was certainly one of them. I was originally accepted at Northeastern University in Boston, where I spent a little more than a half-year before I knew it wasn’t the right place for me. I quickly realized that I [...]

Open Up Your Mouth and Feed It

One of the things we treasure in our house is the crock pot. It is as versatile a piece of cooking machinery as you could ever hope for. When we first got it, we made a lot of very exquisite dishes that tasted out of this world, but took a long time. The first thing [...]