Awesome Awesome Cranberry Sauce

Don’t buy the canned shit. Make your own! Try this really tasty cranberry sauce recipe for the holidays (Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, whatever). You will be glad you did. Takes literally 10 minutes to assemble and maybe 15-20 to sit in the pot. The food goes in the pot, not you.

4 Naval Oranges, peeled and [...]

Neil Young Gets Hip!

Their Voices Are Bringing Trees To Their Knees

As I continue thinking about some of my favorite music from this decade, I started thinking about music from the 1990’s that remains on my “constants” list.  There are not many bands from that decade (or any decade, for that matter) who stay on my main ITunes playlist ALL THE TIME. But I can say [...]

Random Stuff

The Boston Globe, as previously mentioned, is a mere shell of its former self. You can still get good quality newswriting there, the problem is that more and more of it comes from New York or the Associated Press. I miss the true local coverage. But those are the economics of the times and the [...]

Brot Brot Boogie

In Berlin, Massachusetts, about 30 miles due west of Boston, there’s a little farm nestled in between innocuous residential streets. We discovered Balance Rock Farm when they started setting up shop at the Maynard Farmers Market about five years ago and this past summer, in our initiative to increase eating more locally and more responsibly, [...]

The Trumpet Has Obviously Been Drinking

A recent post by good chap Leo got me thinking about Elliot Smith again. My Ipod playlist (I only have one) contains three groups of music:

The constants: The songs that simply never come off the playlist.
The new stuff: full albums that I’ve recently downloaded and need to explore
The revolving doors: songs that come off and [...]

Crest Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening with Tartar Protection Striped Toothpaste! WTF?

Was at the dentist yesterday in Cambridge. I go for a general cleaning every 3-4 months. Been doing that since the year 2000 when I got a job that actually paid the insurance for it. Novel. Anyway, I’ve gotten to know them pretty well. The hygenist is a small Russian lady, maybe 60 years old [...]