Hard to believe we’re approaching a new decade. I remember as a kid there were times when an hour felt like a millennium and all I wanted to do was grow up up up. Now there are times, like when I’m hugging my kids, when I wish an hour felt like a millennium again. Man, [...]

Words Are Paper

I caught my child in what I believe to be their very first lie yesterday. It went something like this:
Me: Zachary, what are you doing
Zachary (finger deep into nose): Nothing!
Me: What are you doing with your finger?
Zachary: Nothing (moving finger towards mouth)
Me: Zachary…..(said sternly, while I reach for his hand)
Zachary: No Daddy!
A touching moment, yeah? [...]

The More Things Change, The More They Remain Insane

I know why I so clearly remember this picture being taken. It was February, 1985. I was in 8th grade and had just woken up at my house in Lancaster, MA, the day after returning home from a week long vacation in Gilroy, CA to attend my cousin’s wedding. I thought it was so cool [...]


Whoa! Per my post last week about driving in Germany, here’s a video of a driver on one of Germany’s autobahn’s, getting passed – while doing about 100mph! It’s estimated that this car was doing about 160mph. This is the kind of stuff you see on those highways!

Drivin’ That Train

So here’s my prom picture, this would have been the spring of 1988, which means I had just turned 17 years old. That’s more than half a lifetime ago now. Ouch, did I just say that?! As I approach my 20th high school reunion, I’ve been trying to scrape out the crumbs that are left [...]

He Shoots, He Scores. Big Deal.

I keep saying that sports is really the only reason why I keep cable TV around, but out of 27 innings of Red Sox playoff baseball over the last week, I watched exactly one inning. And I didn’t care that I had missed it. I’m trying to get to the root of this one, but [...]

Came Into The Darkness, From Out Of The Blue

So, the new Built to Spill album is out and this weekend they arrive into Boston for three shows at a pretty small venue – The Middle East over in Cambridge. If I was living in a different time (like, ten years ago), I’d have tickets to all three shows. But as it stands, I [...]