Don’t Mess With Leominster

Now, here’s a picture that I can remember just a little bit, since almost every weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) from September to April I was playing hockey. There were times that we’d travel to some far-off Massachusetts town and I’d play three times in a single day, then come home. I played my youth [...]

Problem Child

OK, this one is pretty funny and slightly embarrassing. It is the fall of 1990, my first year at Kent State. This is not the dorm, though, and it wasn’t shot on campus. A few guys in the dorm had gone to high school together and some of their friends from back home were having [...]

The Dorm Life

Another gem. This was taken in the fall of 1990 in my dorm room at Kent State. Of course, many many college mini-fridges looked exactly like this and still do today, I would guess. But for those of us who were in college in the early 1990’s, who could forget when Keystone burst on the [...]

Can You Do It?

A few days ago I was, as I do every day, scanning my feedreader for stories that interest me. A site I’ve been reading lately is and they had a post about encouraging and empowering your children and letting them know they can do anything if they really try hard and apply themselves. As [...]

My Life In The Game

I couldn’t but laugh as I walked down the supermarket aisle recently. I was just hopping along on my way to get orange juice (I’m back buying Tropicana again now that the cartons are back to normal) and on the way to the OJ section, you have to pass by the magazine section. I had [...]

Gazing Through The Fog To The Other Side

Music Post. I was cracking up in the car on the way to dropping my kids off at day care recently because they now know all the words to Neil Young’s “Cripple Creek Ferry.” So we all sing along and it makes me laugh more than anything because it’s quite charming. It’s also the first [...]


I’ve been living with the IPhone for a little over a month now and the results are good. There are negatives – the battery life is rather atrocious, though it’s not as much a factor for me since I predominantly work from home and it just sits in my dock all day and charges. Typing [...]