Social Media, 1991 Style

I love this picture. It is a glimpse into the mind of myself as a 19 year old. Sometimes I forget the phases I’ve gone through in my life. These pictures help me remember. This is a picture of one of the walls of my dorm in Prentice Hall at Kent State University during the [...]

Welcome To The Occupation

Here’s another delightful shot. This picture was taken at Food World in Clinton, MA, which is now a Shaw’s. This was my second job, circa 1986  (see earlier post here with details). I have a lot of stories from Food World, all of which are funny. It was a pretty good time in my life. [...]


So, I wasn’t terribly surprised to see that Crocs is on the verge of bankruptcy. The ubiquitous shoe, mostly found on children, reminded me a lot of jams, those now funny shorts that many of us wore in the 1980’s. Not because they were similar in style, but because they were similar in trajectory, i.e. [...]

Going To California With An Aching In My Heart

As much as I love California (see post below), I totally hate it right now. I am here because yesterday at work I  had to do something that I hoped I would never ever have to do – let someone go. I don’t think I have ever been as anxious and nervous in my life [...]

He Runs, Wishing He Could Fly

This picture isn’t funny or terribly notable, but when I saw it in the photo album, it brought me back a little and reminded me of a couple of things. This is my second trip to California, my first had been in 1984 when I was just short of 13 years old. I loved it [...]

I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror

Ah, this is one from a more innocent time. A time when I thought nothing of fat red men jumping down my chimney or large, scary bunnies leaving eggs strewn about the house. Of COURSE they’re real! I don’t know when this was taken because the picture has no information on the back, but I [...]

Could We Have Kippers For Breakfast?

Continuing on the path from last week, here’s another gem of a picture, shot by my good friend Spencer Manning on the morning after our high school “Senior Banquet.” The Senior Banquet is a large dinner held for the Senior class – it is effectively the Senior year equivalent of the Junior Prom. In truth, [...]