Has Item Five Really Returned?

Yes! It won’t be a regular feature around here simply because I don’t have time to do these interviews much these days, given my job, plus child rearing, plus need for sleep. But now and then it will pop up and it will be totally sweet. Get it? OK then.
It’s been three years since I [...]

The Only Thing You Have To Fear……

Bungee jumping is something that I can assure you I will never try. Oh, I bet it’s quite a rush. But my personality is not one that is prone to being that risky. Plus I stopped crapping myself when I was around three and I don’t want to start again. So bungee jumping is out. [...]

Off The Wall

Plenty of places to find news on Michael Jackson, obviously. My only thoughts are this: most articles talk about how shocking and sad it is. It is, indeed, sad. Somewhere in that catalog, there is a Michael Jackson song (or 10, or 20) that you like, whether or not you care to admit it. You [...]

Where Are You Searching?

Facebook has a lot of utility and that’s why so many people are using it these days. I think I’ve said before that social networking sites seem to trend towards flavor-of-the-month. Show of hands – how many of us went from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook over the past three years without a hiccup or [...]

Their names are written in concrete!

We’ve had the opportunity to see some movies lately, a nice treat! Blurb reviews below:

First off, Meryl Streep is so utterly believeable, convincing and spectacular as a nun in Doubt that it doesn’t even occur to you that it’s actually Meryl Streep. She is such a great actress who seems to be able to transform [...]


Huh. Flipping the lights on again in here – it’s been a while. Lots of dustballs and cobwebs….let me clean those out. Where was I? Well, two sick kids will quickly erase any blog ambition or hopes of having a few extra seconds, so much of my computer time went to twitter and facebook blips. [...]

Picture Book

I am a sucker for old photographs and for months now, I’ve been meaning to write about Shorpy here because it’s something that needs to be shared. They call Shorpy the “100 year old photo blog” or “History in HD.” It is basically a vintage photography blog featuring thousands of high-definition and very high resolution [...]