Tweet Tweet

Normally I wouldn’t relay the highlights of any conversation that goes on in a hockey locker room, because, hey, I have kids. And someday they’ll read this. But last night there was a brief and fairly comical discussion about Twitter, the new hottest trend on the internet. You know something has gone mainstream when you [...]

Versus vs. Netherworlds

Last night I watched the Capitals and Rangers play a game 7 in the NHL hockey playoffs. A great back-and-forth game, complete with astounding saves, hard hitting and general excitement all the way through. I have had my problems with the NHL over the last 15 years, stating like a broken record that they need [...]


It used to be that I scoured the list of album releases every week, trying to see if I could uncover something new or something that sounded interesting. Nowadays, due to a combination of the internet and life in general, that doesn’t happen anymore. The internet allows us to sample new music every day. I [...]

Animals & Vegetables

I usually get to read books for 10-20 minutes per day if I’m lucky. There are plenty of days when I don’t get to read at all and I hate that. But life is life. I’ve finally completed Barbara Kingsolver’s incredible book, called “Animal Vegetable Miracle,” a work of non-fiction where she tells the story [...]

Sweep Up, Little Sweeper Boy

A couple of years ago, I attended a Pernice Brothers show at the lovely old Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. It has always been one of my longtime favorite places to see a show. The long gone Bay State Hotel is another, but we’ll save that one for a different rainy day. I came extremely [...]

I Used To Do A Little But A Little Wouldn’t Do

I was thinking last night about knowledge. There are many old adages about knowledge. There is one that equates knowledge to power. There’s the old Chinese adage about giving a man a fish and/or teaching him to fish. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I ended up thinking about myself, mostly (surprise!). [...]

Bush League!

I, like roughly 70% of Americans, had had enough of the George Bush regime by the time his administration mopped the floors and shut off the lights. It could even be argued that I had had enough of the regime by 2003. While it’s quite likely we’ll never know the full extent of what really [...]