Reign O’er Me, Rain On Me

It is true that I have a bit of an obsession with showers. You may or may not agree, but showers can determine a good day or bad day. It is, usually, almost the first thing you do every day, so it will set the mood. If you have a weak shower with no water [...]

Hi From The Sky

Today is one of those rare days that I got to do a full read-through of the Sunday Boston Globe. AND post here on the blog. That is for one single reason – I am on a plane. More on that in a second.When I used to read the Sunday Globe, it was literally all [...]

Make That A Double

I will soon be taking my virgin voyage on what I am calling “the world’s first true metrosexual airline.” Virgin America just started flying out of Boston in February and is getting some nice reviews, both for its creature comforts and excessively friendly customer service. I’m looking forward to it! I am a bit obsessive [...]

The Daily Post (dot com)

I find myself fascinated by how fast the fallout of newspapers (and magazines) is progressing. If you’re not paying attention, let me put it to you in a far more succinct fashion: physical newspapers are dying. I mean it. The largest daily newspaper in Seattle is gone. Poof. They have literally stopped producing a physical [...]

Food Ruts?

I forgot to post this from a few weeks back – February 25th to be specific. Pictured here is a dish called Chicken Mole with Green Beans. It’s a recipe we picked up way back in 2000 from Cooking Light and has remained a relative staple for us through the years. It is painfully easy [...]

I’m Over At 34.21.456

On my 21 hour jaunt to the Washington DC area earlier this week, I had the honor and privledge of having GPS in my mafia car. I typically don’t get GPS in my rentals because they’re either not available or I already know where I’m going (I’ve been in SF-Oakland enough now where I’ve pretty [...]

…..And When You Touch Down

A couple of pieces picked up while traveling for work today:

As many of you know, I try my best in everyday life to do things that help the environment. But one thing I can’t bring myself to do is use the automatic hand-dryers in some bathrooms. Why? It’s simple – they don’t work. You typically [...]