A brief interlude from family and Greekness. Yesterday (Thursday) I had an early 7am flight down to NYC for work. Per usual, I set my clock for 4:45, giving me 15-20 minutes to get ready and 45-50 minutes to get to the airport. I have found that plan to be optimal in terms of not [...]

More Understanding

Continuing from yesterday:
When the internet came along, suddenly you could look up people anywhere in the country, even the world. Yellow and white pages went online. Personal websites and blogs started to flourish in the early part of this decade. Suddenly, the world got a hell of a lot smaller overnight. As millions of others [...]


Genealogy is a topic that interests me a bit. For the last few years, I’ve been able to connect with other Copetas’s on my dad’s side simply because of the internet. Finding distant relatives before T1 lines came along was simply too herculean a task. You’d have to a) have time and b) rely on [...]

You Can See It’s All Lies

One of the things I love about music is that once in a while somethnig comes out of left field and just gets me. Something that nobody would ever imagine I would like. Yes, I’m posting about Lily Allen again. I thought maybe when I wrote about her back in August that it was just [...]

The Visitor

This past weekend was one of the rare occasions that Steph & I got to see an entire movie. Really! Like, we sat down on the couch and watched a WHOLE movie on Saturday night! We decided to just forego the making of a meal, save some time and grab some takeout at the IndianĀ  [...]

Lost In The Supermarket

Steph and I were watching this week’s episode of Lost on the DVR last night when I turned to her and said “has this show jumped the shark and we don’t even know it?” Every week we are captivated by each episiode. And every week the story line gets more convoluted and confusing and sometimes [...]

Gimme Back My Bullets

There are two things that happen to me a lot:
1. Seems whenever I wash my hands, I always then have to pee. This doesn’t happen after I pee of course, but let’s say I’ve just changed a diaper and need to wash my hands. During the hand washing or just after, the need to pee [...]