Automatically Throwing Money

I’ve always been curious about people’s ATM habits. When I was in college (90-94), I had the option to take $5 out of the ATM. I miss those days. Then they had minimums of $10, which I hated, because it meant I could impulsively go get $10 out of the bank and go buy a [...]

Music and Baseball

Two good little tidbits captured from the internet over the last week or so:

Interesting little ditty written by Nirvana’s Krist Novaselic about that night at the 1992 MTV Music Video Awards (in my old man voice: when they were actually interesting to watch) when Novaselic tossed his bass up into the air, only to miss [...]

Oh Redwood Tree, Please Let Us Under

Lots of people think the music business is falling apart. It is, to a certain extent, and that’s a good thing. Ever since recorded music became available for purchase, it’s largely been class warfare – the record labels (the rich) and the artists (the poor). Exploitation repeated itself time and time again and the artists [...]

I Feel Safest Of All

It is a very tempting time to buy a new car. Years ago, I might have done so on a mere whim. The economy is horrendous, the automobile companies are a disaster and based on a few friends I know who’ve purchased lately, the deals are fantastic. I might view it as a good opportunity [...]

Not A Dream

Last night Steph went out for a bit and I was sitting in our kitchen after dinner, getting caught up on some work email. My father-in-law, Steve, stopped in to pick up something that we had borrowed from them and we started talking for a few minutes. The day after Obama was elected, he had [...]

Tapping Fingers…..

I remember back in the 1980’s when there was a huge hullabaloo across New England about the fact that Boston (the band) was finally going to release another album. The buildup to it was immense. It had taken them something like seven years to complete “Third Stage,” and in the months leading up to it, [...]

Best. Trip. Ever.

We had a good plan. On Sunday, I was to fly down to NYC because I had two meetings down there, one Monday and one Tuesday. Steph was going to come down later on Monday and we were going to have – get this – two nights in NYC. Unheard of, really. Part of the [...]