Over My Head

Yesterday I received the results of my blood work from the doctor, after having a physical a couple of weeks ago. All pistons seem to be pumping just fine. My cholesterol score was 146. There were a lot of other numbers associated with very large words – for which I had no idea what they [...]

Drugs Make Me Want To Sit Next To You

A couple of bits from the last few days:

Yesterday I received a mildly amusing piece of mail. The return address had the Entertainment Weekly logo on it and it said “Movie Screening Department.” Of course, I knew what it was. It was a pitch for me to subscribe to their stupid magazine – it’s really [...]

You Are About To Embark On A Journey….

….a journey around the internet.

The person who did this must be a) independently wealthy, b) a total dork, c) both or d) an absolute unstoppable genius of the highest proportions.

Divorce cake. I don’t really think there’s much of a market to sell stuff to recent divorcees, but then again, maybe there is. I mean, something [...]

Sweet, Wonderful You

Sometimes I think I’m turning into a total sap. I had a hockey game last night – at 10:30pm – and Steph went out for a while, so I had 7pm-9:30 to myself. After doing all kinds of chores (dry and fold the kids laundry, put it away, get their lunch ready for next day, [...]

I Got Nothin’

I’m having a little writer’s block lately. Normally when this happens, I’ll start writing a lot about music. See last week’s posts. But work has been particularly demanding lately and of course, the twin munchkins continue to take a lot of time. It’s easy when they melt your heart five times a day. They’ve learned [...]

We Always Hang

The answers to my little music quiz:
The four songs I would still listen to:
Patience – Guns ‘N’ Roses
Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry
Wild Thing – Tone Loc
Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc
Yeah, I loved that Tone Loc stuff when it came out and while I don’t actively seek it out, if it ever pops on somewhere, [...]

Bad Senior Year

I know I’ve mentioned before how embarrassingly bad most of the music from 1985-1990 was. So I looked up Billboard’s Top 30 songs of 1989 and here’s what the list looks like. If you can guess the four songs that I would actually listen to if they came on the radio, I’ll make you a [...]