This Is Your Brain On Kids…..Any Questions?

So, we had an enjoyable, but tough weekend up on Squam Lake in New Hampshire this past weekend. Both Steph and I have been feeling slightly under-the-weather. Not bad enough to stay home, but not good enough to be at our most energetic. Now pack all the STUFF you need with 1 year old twins, [...]

Like The Corners Of My Mind…

Oh brother, I’m on a high school kick now. Remember yesterday’s post when I said Mr. Schofield looked like Jabba The Hut? I wasn’t kidding! I went back to the old Class of 1989 Nashoba yearbook and found his picture:

OK, so I feel a little like a jerk for saying it and I didn’t mean [...]

They Will All Suffer For This Outrage!

I’m currently in the middle of Rising Tide, a pretty large bio lent to me by my father-in-law about the 1927 Mississippi River floods that devastated much of the south along the river. It’s a pretty stunning read and I’m not even 1/3 of the way through yet. It’s so odd how such a momentous, [...]

Return To Sender

The amount of catalogs we get delivered to the house is insulting. It almost hurts me to think about it too much. Other than being a such an enormous waste of trees, many of the catalogs advertise things Steph and I would simply never even consider buying in a million years. It’s almost like the [...]

Ice Cream Hands

The subject of today’s post is actually the name of a great little Australian band that we loved back in the late ’90s when we were running Tar Hut. They were basically Teenage Fanclub. But hell, to me Teenage Fanclub were IT for me back then (and to some degree, they still are). So anyone [...]

A Literary Moment

I’ve been able to read a couple of books lately. This is either a miracle or I’m staying up later and getting less sleep. Or both. But it feels good to have the time again to read a book. I don’t read ‘em as fast as I used to, but I cannot sacrifice books. Ever. [...]

Just Getting This Down For Future Reference

It’s the kind of weekend where I’ve found out who some of my true friends are. And aren’t.