On vacation! A couple of hiccups required us to come home for a day, but we’re leaving (again) this morning…..take two.

Anyone Can Be An Ar-teeest

This is just me futzing around with Photoshop. After I added the effects and really looked at it, it actually made me a little dizzy.

No Offense….

Whenever someone starts off a sentence with “no offense, but…..” – then prepare to be offended. Even a little bit. That being said….
No offense to divers, but is it really necessary to have color commentators for diving competitions? I mean, I can understand a play-by-play person telling us who’s diving, where they’re from and who’s [...]

Bam! Pow!


I woke up on Saturday morning around 5:45am, as usual, to get the kids up and about. As I groggily opened my eyes, I saw an odd formation to the right of my dresser. It was a strange shape and I thought “ok, you’re half asleep, so it’s probably something obvious.” Then it moved! Now [...]

Ooooh Deary Me

My latest inexplicable obsession, which came totally out of nowhere, is Lily Allen. It’s not like I saw a video or heard it on the radio. I found it on the web. I guess there’s been some buzz because her new song, called “Fuck You Very Much,” is getting a bit of attention. But here’s [...]

Ford Shows Life!

A couple of months ago, I became aware of a group of fathers here in Maynard who get together on occasion just to take some……time off. As I understand it, most of the gatherings occur during Monday Night Football telecasts, which is slightly unfortunate for me, as I play in a very competitive ice hockey [...]

ID, Please

Seriously, who believes these Chinese gymnasts are 16 years old or older? Steph and I are channel flipping tonight and we stop at the Olympics because, well, 60 Minutes is over and there’s literally nothing to watch. I mean it – we went through just about the whole online guide. Nothing of interest. More on [...]