Time to sift through the sock drawer:

It’s been happening for a couple of years now, but really, I’m getting tired of executive assisstants of supposed Hedge Fund managers leaving me messages looking for insight into the online search & media business. They always throw words around like “totally confidential” and “independant,” etc, etc. Unfortunately, I [...]

Oh Goodness

Today (Sunday) I was able to rekindle my photo archiving project. For any of you who may remember, I managed to secure a ton of old pictures from my immediate family a few months before the twins were born for the purpose of establishing a digital archive. I want to make sure as many of [...]

It Came Out Magical

Okay, a couple of things on this early Friday morning:

Parents, question for you: every night before we go to bed, Steph and I walk into the boys room and just sit there on the floor and stare at our babies as their little chests heave up and down in a dead sleep. We typically sit [...]

Television Pause: George Foreman Lets ‘Er Rip

One thing you can be mighty sure of – if you’re surfing TV channels, you’re almost always going to run into George Foreman selling something. Grills, protein powders, diet supplements, whatever. He’s probably made more money from this stuff than he did when he was boxing. My favorite thing about George Foreman: he has FIVE [...]

One Day You Find Ten Hours Has Gotten Behind You

I think today (Sunday) is the first time since the babies were born that I’ve been on my own all day. I don’t mean on a work trip and all alone, I mean at home, all alone, no set plans…..nothing. I can’t lie that I was a little excited about it – everyone needs a [...]

New Pornography

There isn’t much innovation out there in music videos anymore. For good reason, too: the music channels on TV don’t play them anymore! Why should a label or a band spend (waste) the money on a video when it’s not really a road for promotion anymore? It’s actually not a bad thing: it means that [...]

The Grasses That Hide The Greenback

I will occasionally turn everyday occurences into games. Mostly guessing games. This occurs almost all the time with my wife, who graciously plays along and does so, I would imagine, just to shut me up. Hah! I’d say about every 5-6 months we bring the collection of loose change we’ve amassed to the store and [...]