I Turn My Camera On

I used to take pictures of pretty much anything. Even before digital came along and made things so easy, I had a Nikon 35mm film camera with a telephoto lens from the 1970s. It was originally owned by my Uncle Donny (see below post) and I used it all throughout high school and a little [...]

Oh Baby, Hoggify

This might be the funniest video I’ve seen this year. It’s “normal” for about the first :30 seconds and then it’s off to the races. I was laughing so damn hard…..hat tip to Fort Miley.


Holy cannoli. I’m SO glad I don’t live in Marblehead, MA. You would have seen me totally freaking out!

Check out a pretty dazzling email sent by Bill Gates to a few people at Microsoft back in 2003. Maybe the better word is “rambling.”

I am going to have a GREAT time with this site. If you’ve [...]

The Woodchipper Spits It Out…..

Tidbits, collected over the last couple of days and scattered about like bread for the birds:

Sad to hear George Carlin passed away this weekend. He’d had his battles with drugs and alcohol, but that didn’t dampen his unique humor at all. I always thought of first as a solid “everyman” comic and second as the [...]

All My Habits Antiquated

Wednesday night I played hooky from hockey (ugh) and hit the city for some delicious dinner and delicious rock (via Sloan) with my good friend Leo, his 19 year-old daughter Megan and her friend Mallory. His blog post today provides some of the comedy that occured pre-show. I guess I should restate that – from [...]


I was all excited, because I had been spinning, in my mind, an awesome blog post about Kevin Garnett’s post-game interview on ABC after the Celtics had won the championship. The Celtics win went over with a rather dull thud at this house, but I watched the 2nd half of the game because, hell, if [...]

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I’ve gotten some emails and comments about the Tim Russert point I made yesterday. Let me just say again – I loved watching the guy for his gusto and from everything I’ve read and seen, he was as solid a human being as you can ask – devoted to his family, steadfast in his job, [...]