Circle Same

I’m on a roll this weekend! Up again late (see post below), Stanley Cup Finals on TV and I have to post because the thing I might love most about the NHL playoffs are how in some cities, the fans ALL put the same color shirt on. It looks like a scene out of Mad [...]

Out of Options

After Steph and I watched the season finale of Lost last night (great episode, BTW), she went off to bed and I found myself with the rare opportunity to sit on the couch by myself and flip around the TV. This just doesn’t happen that much anymore – before the population of our house doubled, [...]


So here’s the thing. I loved the previous design, but a) I like to switch it up every six months or so, b) the previous page took too long to load and c) you could say that the big blue page was just too busy. So I took my Friday night and did this redesign, [...]

Music Minute(s)

It’s been a while since I posted any MP3’s. Nothing new has really been grabbing my attention lately, so I’ll just post some stuff I’ve had for a while that deserves to be heard. What, you didn’t know? Everything I listen to deserves to be heard! Come on, give it a chance! Leave feedback if [...]

There’s A Feeling I Get

Just about every time I mow the lawn, my allergies (especially in spring) rear their ugly head. Lucky for me, my allergies aren’t as bad as they were when I was younger (12-21). It was never totally unbearable. I mean, I never had to get shots or surgery or go on medication or anything, but [...]

My So-Called Donnie Darko Life….

So I get home from dropping the twins off at daycare this morning and as I get out of my car, I see a rabbit hopping across the street. We had noticed that there’s been a rabbit in the neighborhood and his hole is in our backyard. Anyway, he’s hopping along across the street and [...]

It’s Back! Television Pause

One of the things I did on this blog for a few weeks was something I called Television Pause. I know, I know, a horribly un-inventive name, but it speaks for itself. It’s basically me freezing the TV picture and taking pictures of the television because their faces make me laugh. I’m going to try [...]