Hurry Home Early….

Whatever happened to boxing, anyway? Up until about 1992 or thereabouts, boxing was just HUGE. When I was in grade school and high school, whenever Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Ray Mancini, Larry Holmes or even Mike Tyson fought, it was an EVENT. Those Leonard-Duran fights – was there better sports theatre than [...]

That Fish Smells About Done…..

I’m driving around earlier tonight running errands and after I get home we realized that we didn’t enough food for the babies tomorrow. You ALWAYS realize these things afterwards. So back out I go and I turn on NPR’s “On Point.” They’re running an interview with a fella by the name of Josh Ozersky, an [...]


So we’re driving in the car out to Western Massachusetts yesterday and just having normal husband-and-wife conversation. Talking about house projects, the kids, the upcoming week, etc, etc. The same conversation that trillions of other married couples are having each and every Sunday. Today I had almost forgotten it was Easter. That’s how much religion [...]

Shadow Dancing

So last night I get home from my fantasy baseball draft at about 12:30 and we were getting one of those 30 minute snow squalls, so I need to put both cars in the garage. I put one in and I’m going to the other car and I’m jolted by what I think is a [...]

A Bittersweet Surrender

Big Head Todd & Monsters, one of many 1990’s bands I have a hard time distinguishing from one another, have done something interesting with their latest album release. It doesn’t matter what the album is called, because nobody will buy it. What they’ve done is what they should have done ten years ago – they [...]

Something In The Way He Jumps

This is just too funny and clever to NOT post….

Clearing Out The Desk…..

Notables and thoughts from the weekend:
I received a check in the mail from my mortgage company for two cents. That’s right, two cents. The net loss on the deal for the mortgage company was .39 cents, right? Maybe a little less if they get some kind of volume discount from the USPS. I stuck it [...]