You Be The Judge

In addition to putting EVERYTHING in their mouths, our babies are also starting to pull themselves up to something resembling a standing position. They’re much better at climbing and babbling, but the standing is improving every day. Which means one thing: walking isn’t that far away. They appear to be right on schedule. Except for [...]


I was brushing my teeth last night and as I squeezed the toothpaste out of the tube, I started thinking back to when I was growing up. I think we predominantly used Aim toothpaste at home, but that’s not the point. The point of today’s post is how we got the toothpaste out of the [...]

You Deserve A Pee Break Today

Steph and I started seeing each other in February of 2000. One of the early dates was a visit to Improv Boston, where a small group of local actors basically make up skits on the fly and often involve the audience. Of course, I was petrified they’d pick me to go up there to [...]

Move That Branch!

Back in August, you might remember that I wrote about the show Extreme Home Makeover coming to our hometown of Maynard to do some pre-screening for a family that, at the time, lived about a mile away from us. I had sort of filed in the deep recesses of my mind that they might be [...]

Hey Hey River Chay

In the height of my music obsession (1993-1999), there were but a few albums that ALWAYS got airplay on my stereo. Oh, I’d go nuts for something for a year or so, but there were only a select few that just never got old. To this day, Grant Lee Buffalo’s “Mighty Joe Moon” remains one [...]

Pack Your Bags

There are times when being a professional baseball player must really suck. I mean, despite that they all make obscene amounts of money, the travel and tediousness of playing 162 games every season must be exhausting. Yes, you get to stay at 5-star palaces and yes, you eat the best of food and yes, you [...]

Did They Get You To Trade Your Heroes For……Goats

I listened off-and-on yesterday to the three-ring circus that was going on in Washington with the baseball steroid hearings involving Roger Clemens, Brian McNamee and rotating cast of dirtbags and rats associated with the whole thing. What a zoo. It should give you great comfort to know that one of your representatives in Washington (supposedly [...]