Straight From 12th Grade Into Junior College

I might have eluded the police last week. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s possible. I was on my way to Sears to pick up my new slowblower and I was probably driving 10 MPH or so over the speed limit, when I blew right past a cop who was parked on the [...]

Random Musings

I Twittered it earlier, but it bears mentioning that I went and picked up a new snowblower last week (Thursday) and within the first three days of owning it, used it four times. There are certain things I don’t mind doing outside, but there are two that I avoid at all costs – shoveling snow [...]

Somebody Please Hit Me With A Shovel

A while back Idolator posted some year-end lists from this year’s music tours. Two of those lists caught my attention.
Top 10 Selling Tours of 2007 (Based on total dollar volume of tickets sold)
1. Hannah Montana
2. The Police
3. Bruce Springsteen
4. Van Halen
5. Justin Timberlake
6. Kenny Chesney
7. Jimmy Buffett
8. Dave Matthews Band
9. Bon Jovi
10. Genesis
The Hannah Montana [...]

Question of the Day

Can anyone tell me why snowblowers are almost ALWAYS red?

Let’s Stop & Turn The Record Over

Our babies recently crossed over into six-month old land, so I’m going to take a minute today to express some thoughts. As I mentioned before they were born, this is not going to be a baby blog – except for the photostream, of course. My goal is to continue this blog as it’s always been [...]

Put Me In Coach

I tell anyone who will listen to me babble that if you put aside all the crap about money and greed with regards to both owners and players, sports are still very fun to watch. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy this article, which highlights some of the more ridiculous contract demands [...]

In Another Week, I’ve Got It

When I was a record business dork in the 1990’s, I had a little gig on the side. I really had no choice, given the salary of a record business dork at a predominantly bluegrass record label. So to make a little extra scratch so I could buy things like, oh, food, I did some [...]