He Could Throw That Speedball By You

I remain a sporadic (at best) blog poster while our lives get turned upside down for about a week. This week we’ll physically move everything out of this house, where it will reside on a truck for several days while the house we bought gets some work done (wood floors, etc). In the meantime, we’ll [...]

Day After Day I Get Up And I Say….

Stephanie and I concluded last night that the last six months were the hardest six months of both of our lives. I probably don’t need to explain and I won’t. I also can’t claim with any degree of honesty that things are back to normal. Things will never be back to normal. We’re finding small [...]

Predictable But Reliable

A short, but good read in Time Magazine about what it means to be an average American. At first sniff, being merely average is probably not something we strive for. But when put into perspective, being average really is glass half-full, considering how much the odds are stacked against some people, many of whom don’t [...]

Movin’ On, Baby, Yeah I’m Never Touchin’ The Ground

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve moved more times than I thought. In fact, since 1995, I’ve moved six times, counting the one we’re about to do. I wonder if that’s more than average? Here’s the rundown:
1995 – Moved to Somerville, MA
1999 – Moved to Allston, MA
2001 – Moved to Arlington, MA
2001 – [...]


It’s officially oatmeal weather again. I recently discovered a new flavor of apple hitting the New England circuit lately. It’s called honey crisp and man, they are good. Taking this into consideration, I cut one up into small pieces last week and put it into my oatmeal, along with some brown sugar and…..voila! Rock. It [...]

1,545 Square Miles

It’s been a very eventful few days, with a heavy focus on Rhode Island. Witness:
1) We were supposed to spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday exploring Block Island, a small island 12 miles off the south coast of Rhode Island. It requires a ferry ride in which you drive your car on the boat if you [...]