One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

So exciting to see another Red Sox World Series victory. The question to the Red Sox organization which I kept hearing last night during the postgame was the one about comparing this one to the 2004 victory. To a man, each member who had been there for both flatly stated there was no comparison. This [...]

Dirty Old, Egg Suckin’……

So I’m sitting at the gate in Long Beach, CA, about to hop a JetBlue redeye flight back to the right coast. On my drive back to the airport, I spotted one fire out in the hills as I got onto 405 North just after Laguna Canyon. Despite the haze, the soot and the smell, [...]

You Can Blow Out A Candle…..

All it takes is six hours to be in another world! Took a JetBlue flight this morning to Long Beach, CA for work and I guess you can’t really comprehend the fires here until you fly over them. Smoke everywhere. Dust storms. Shit flying around. It looked like armegeddon! From the plane, it looks like [...]

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been

I try to tell myself that I’m not a gadget freak, but it’s just totally useless. I give up. I loves me the gadgets. The latest addition to my frivolous pile of plastic and metal goods would be the TomTom 510 GPS Navigator. GPS Navigator, you ask? But aren’t you the guy who works mostly [...]

Random Musings

If I could find a place that had weather every single day of the year like we had yesterday, well, I’d volunteer to be mayor of that town. It was a perfect New England day here, spent at the old farmhouse of some local friends. The occasion? A celebration for two people who are about [...]

Turn And Face The Strain

For the past couple of years, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen to me that it was only a matter of time before a major music artist would eschew the record labels and go out on their own (see here, last paragraph). Well, three hammers fell down this week and they’re all pretty big [...]

There’s The Bathroom On The Right

Ever since I can remember, I do this thing with the refrigerator. I walk in the kitchen, open it and just stare. I don’t know why. Common sense tells me (or anyone, really) that nothing is going to magically appear in it. Every single time I’ve done this, the fridge has the exact same stuff [...]