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The rise of Facebook has been meteoric, even Google-esque. Of course, I have a profile. I have to, really, so I can stay on top of things for work and it’s also, believe it or not, a decent networking tool. Not as helpful as LinkedIn on the professional level, but still helpful. The fact [...]

It’s A Sad & Beautiful World

Spent the weekend up in NH at an annual retreat at Squam Lake with my wife’s family. For the third consecutive year, we had perfect weather. Watching our two boys interact and laugh with their three cousins was pretty special.
One stunning story came out of the weekend that I must share. In high school, [...]

Sixth Grade Notebook, Part IV

This is one my favorites. I had to make it big because there’s a lot going on here. On one hand, you have some random math problems, written in lighter pencil. Then, in darker pencil, I’ve scribbled a couple of lyrics to Huey Lewis’s “Bad Is Bad,” a song I don’t recall loving, but I [...]

The Eyes Have It

There really is a first time for everything. Sometimes, “firsts” happen twice in a single day. For example, yesterday was the first time I ever opened my little contact lens case to find that I hadn’t bothered dousing them in solution. So they were shriveled and dried up. Question: can you rescue contact lenses that [...]

Sixth Grade Notebook, Part III

Now this one I cannot figure out.

Of course, I have no recollection of this. Based on the class notes on the rest of the page, it was science class, so it was Miss Garber. Poor thing. Most of the kids thought she was kind of a mean old woman, but the truth is she was [...]


It’s an odd situation at our house. With two new tenants of the infant variety, things are piling up in the corner of each room pretty quickly. Our house, nearly a century old, has one major shortcoming – storage and closets. Other than some very small closets in each of the three bedrooms upstairs, we [...]