I Want My NZTV

A tasty treat for y’all on the long weekend – some video clips of my twin boys, set to the great Anders Parker song, “Under Wide Unbroken Skies.”

“under wide unbroken skies” (Anders Parker, 2006)
grace be with you and luck and speed
may all your roads be worth the ride
along the byways, forgotten places
under wide unbroken skies
peace [...]

Inside The Mind Of A Sixth Grader

My sixth grade notebook continues to provide so much entertainment for me. It also gives me some easy blog posts. I can only assume the chart below came out of science class, when we were learning about astronomy. The moon, the stars and the planets never really interested me much in school. That pretty much [...]

Your Home For Useless Knowledge

So last night I got a voice mail from my sister. She had a question about music. Lots of people do this to me – a song or a singer will pop into their head and they call me to ask what band it was or what the song is, etc etc. It’s one of [...]

Recurring Dream…..

I’m on my way to play in a hockey game. I’m running a little late, but nothing big – I might miss the first couple of minutes of the game. For some reason, though, things sidetrack me and I keep getting more and more late. Getting lost on the way to the rink. Breaking a [...]

On Every Occasion….

Here in Maynard, we have what’s called “reverse 911.” That basically means the town has the ability to record a message and call each and every resident of the town to inform them if something is going on. For example, recently there was a water main break, so they left the message with everyone not [...]

Crap On The Bottom

Big record labels take notice: there are two new album releases today that I need to have. One is The New Pornographers “Challengers” on Matador Records and the other is Rilo Kiley’s “Under The Blacklight,” on Warner Brothers. Why do I mention the record labels? Well, because you can download one of them (the former) [...]

No, No, No

The AirMall series continues….
Well, there’s dumb, there’s dumber and then there’s this:

Are you serious? Branding your meat? I’m not even sure I can come up with anything to say that would accurately justify how ridiculous this is. Does someone feel the need to stamp their initials on every hamburger they cook? I suppose if you [...]