Please Kick This Guy’s Ass!

So I’m on a plane heading home this afternoon and I’ve just more or less completed a 37-page RFP. Translation: I don’t feel like working on the plane. And I don’t have a magazine to read – a rarity. So, I’m faced with the prospect of sitting there like a lump, focusing on what’s coming [...]

Eat ‘Em and Smile

Fresh Local Fruit
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Here’s one of the best things about summer: fresh fruit. There are no shortage of local farmers markets and farm stands in our area and when summer comes, it’s a fruit lover’s paradise. These particular berries come from Idlewild Farms in Acton, MA, [...]

Let’s Connect!

To add to yesterday’s post, here” />#8217;s the new Rilo Kiley song, called “The Moneymaker.” The porn angle is interesting. The song is really cool.
My friend Dan turned me onto Simplify Media earlier this week. Here’s yet another invaluable internet application for people who even remotely like music. It’s pretty, um, simple: you install [...]

New Music…..

Lots of good music starting to emerge in 2007. There’s a really solid new record out by Spoon, who will end up being one of my top 3 bands of the decade. I’ve also been enjoying the new albums by The Polyphonic Spree, The Figments, Josh Rouse and a band called Blitzen Trapper, whose name [...]

Job Opp

Hi folks. If you know anyone who would be interested in yet another position in our expanding Business Development group here at Ask, let me know. This position would actually report to me, so that’s a huge bonus. Ha ha.
Here’s the job description. Email me (contact link at the right) if you or anyone you [...]

I Wish That I Had Jesse’s Girl

Oh man, I was just thinking about soap operas. Not really sure how this popped into my head, but sometimes the strangest memories pop up out of nowhere. Back in 7th grade, there was a group of us boys who went through a nasty General Hospital phase. How funny is that? By morning, we’re sitting [...]

Check Back In 2012

Oh! For the first time in the history of this blog, I had an idea for a post based on a story I wanted to tell and I wrote the post, but forgot to include the story. That’s the sign of a guy with newborn twins!
So, consider this an addendum to my July 16 post [...]