Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Internet time. I hear that phrase a lot. At least once a week at work I hear people say things like “moving in internet time,” meaning ‘at warp-speed.’ The phrase’s foundation comes from the idea that when you combine one of the most revolutionary inventions of the modern era (the internet) with a fickle group [...]

Breaking News & Wind

Maynard, MA (AP) – On a beautiful late Saturday morning in New England, as a gentle breeze flowed through the small town of Maynard, Massachusetts, 3-week old Zachary Copetas accomplished the first of what his father hopes will be many milestones and accomplishments – he pooped on someone. Generally, Pampers do a fine job of [...]

The REAL Claude Julien

the REAL claude julien
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You know, I was really hoping for Mike Milbury all along, but the Bruins choice as George “The Animal” Steele for head coach is a stroke of genius. Just imagine all the marketing angles! He could, for example, eat one of the [...]

Pass The Dutchie

There might be a lot of these coming in the following weeks as my time is consumed by the two little cute monkeys now living in our house. Here’s a track by a band I’ve been listening to a lot lately called Youth Group. They’re from Australia and sound relatively timeless. The song is called [...]

Partly Sunny

Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
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So I’ve been trying to listen to this new Wilco album whenever I have a spare moment, which is rare. But maybe once per day I’ll have a few fleeting moments to sit and scroll through my Apple [...]

Closing My Eyes & Feeling Fine

The lack of sleep, of course, was expected. We’re probably getting 3-4 hours per night, maybe 5 and none of it is continuous. And yes, it’s all worth it. What I didn’t expect were the weird dreams that come with lack of sleep. For example, there was the dream I had about the brother of [...]

Party All The Time

Amy Winehouse
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Second picture in my series of capturing people on pause with the Tivo. This is British retro-urban singer Amy Winehouse, who is currently music’s flavor of the month. I must admit to liking a few of the songs from her recent “Back to Black” [...]