You Know We’ll Have A Good Time Then

Well, since it’s so much easier to get your family to respond to interviews than authors and musicians, Item Five returns today. Today’s victim is my dad. He’s got a good story which I’ll get to in a minute. I remember when I was around ten years old I found his high school yearbook in [...]

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Cough, hack, wheeze, headache, sore throat, sneeze. Blow nose. Sneeze. Blow nose. Repeat step one.


Yesterday, for whatever reason, a childhood story popped into my head. I was in seventh grade. Just about every day, all the neighborhood kids would come home from school, get on our bikes and cruise around the neighborhood. We didn’t really cause much trouble, but we would explore the woods, crawl into drainage pipes to [...]


Saw The Departed over the weekend. A must see! Great cat-and-mouse storyline and despite it’s length (2.5 hours), it keeps you invested every minute. It doesn’t feel like a 2.5 hour movie. The whole cast was great. Probably a smart move casting Damon and Wahlberg, they got the accents pretty good. Others did their best, [...]

Item Five: Is Only A Motion Away

Long time readers might be wondering whatever happened to my interview series called “Item Five.” Well, nothing happened to it, really. When I have time, I’ve continued to reach out to musicians, authors, etc and most of the time they seem eager to participate. So I send them a list of questions to answer and [...]

Myles Standish Proud, Congratulate Me

Since my wife got pregnant and started going to bed even earlier than usual, I find myself with a lot of time on my own, which means I’ve watched a lot more television, played a lot of Scrabble vs. the computer and read more books & magazines than usual. The books have largely focused on [...]


I was so happy to open the Boston Globe this morning that find that the music staff is catching on to The Whigs. The writers saw them down in Austin, TX last week during South By Southwest, the industry’s annual get together which has always been about food and beer and not discussion panels. To [...]