Puppies & Ripples

Puppies & Ripples
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Here’s something I don’t understand. We recently purchased this 12-pack of toilet paper because, well, everybody poops, right? Right (nodding my head). Now that that’s out of the way, I was examining the package and I can’t for the life of me figure [...]

Subterranean Snowsick Blues

You know what I hate most about winter? Not the snow. Not the ice. Not the cold temperatures. Not the treacherous driving. Not even shoveling, although that comes in a very close second. I hate clearing snow and ice off of cars. Hate it. I can’t figure out why, because it’s not that difficult of [...]

Why Blogs Are Good…..Most Of The Time

A pretty good read in this morning’s Boston Globe about politics, blogs and how the blogosphere runs the risk of a little mud on the face by the time the 2008 elections wrap up. One can assume that a lot of people out there aren’t aware of the fact that PR agencies create fake bloggers [...]

Start Spreading The News…..

Coming soon on Grey’s Anatomy……
Dad, I promise I will never do this to you.
I can’t wait to see the Keebler Elf on those commercials when he eats one of these.
My parents will appreciate this. Their dog has, in the past, eaten a corn cob (not the corn – the actual COB), socks, brillo pads and [...]


So, XM and Sirius, the only two satellite radio firms, have agreed to a merger. The news is already being tempered by analysts who say the powers-that-be will most likely strike it down as being monopolistic. I can’t really agree there. While there will indeed be only one satellite company if it the merger goes [...]

Thank You For The Days

February 14th. A day that will forever be controversial in the battle of the sexes. Of course, most moralists would argue that the celebration of love should occur every day instead of once a year, but come on. This is the real world.
To me, there’s a more important holiday around this time and that’s February [...]

Turn OFF The Red Light, Please

The Grammy’s suck every year. So why do I keep watching? I think it’s more of an ambulance-chasing thing than anything else. Or maybe I keep holding on, grasping at the idea that perhaps something will happen that will reaffirm my faith in the big record business. The Police were never a band I liked [...]