A Time Of Love…..A Time Of Hate

In the midst of mindless beauty pageant controversies, increasing troops, fights in retail stores over new PS3 and Wii units, corporate greed, blizzards, Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump and this little slice of insanity, it’s heartwarming and nice to read Brian McGrory’s column this morning from the Boston Globe. Just take a minute out of [...]

More On Ahmet

Terrific little story from Lefsetz about Ahmet Ertegun, legendary founder of Atlantic Records who recently passed away.

What Would Anyone Do?

It’s almost as guaranteed as death and taxes: religion is controversial; a topic wrought with pitfalls and clearly prone to a wide range of misunderstandings and disagreements. I’m not religious by nature. As a child, I spent 90% of my Sunday mornings in arenas playing youth hockey. There was an occasional trip to the [...]

My D*&% In A Box

Saturday Night Live did the funniest thing in years this past weekend. Click here and then select “A Special Christmas Box” from the list of videos. You will laugh your ass off! I guarantee it. It’s Andy Sambert and yes……Justin Timberlake. Timberlake was so damn funny in several of the skits this weekend…….really impressive.
While you’re [...]

The Time To Rise Has Been Engaged

The name Ahmet Ertegun most likely means nothing to you, but I guarantee you this man has had an effect on your life. For some, it was an enormous effect and for most of us, it is minor. But it’s there. Rest in peace. Read the obit to find out how he affected you.
This whole [...]

Gee, Wally…..

My mother saves a beaver. You can’t make this stuff up.

Through The Past, Darkly

Another installment of some of my favorite posts as I celebrate five years of blogging:
The date was November 17, 2003. I had been watching a CNN documentary about the JFK assassination and began to flip channels. I had also been in a phase where I took various Associated Press photos and made up my own [...]