Jeffrey Had A Little Lamb

Trader Joe’s Lamb Loin
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Lamb seems to fall into two distinct categories – the set of people who LOVE to eat it…….and the others who despise it. Because I never bring myself to thinking about it too much, I fall into the former category. Big fan! It was one of [...]

Wither Manny?

Here in the Boston area, the word “off-season” doesn’t exist for Red Sox fans and definitely not for the press. Me, I don’t mind the time off and I try not to pay too much attention to things. Everyone needs a break, except for WEEI. I mean, how will they sell any advertising?
Regardless, there’s been [...]

Intervention Needed

Someone needs to come to my house and take away the Trader Joe’s strawberry licorice, because it’s turning into a legitimate problem for me. Be careful, though, because if I see you taking it, I will kill you. It’s soft, but not too soft. Not too tough, either. The flavor is…….well……who put the crack in [...]

Status: Sophomore

corn poops
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Yes, on occasion I still have the mentality and sense of humor of an 8th grader. I’m proud of it. I saw this box of cereal and just had to take the picture and photoshop it. You’ll never look at a bowl of the real cereal the same [...]

Late Night TV

After I play hockey, I need at least an hour before I can go to sleep. That usually means coming upstairs to write a blog post or parking it on the couch for an hour to watch television. Last night I opted for the latter – and it was a good decision. A trip through [...]

The Bullets Are Flying

Awwwww……..cuppies! Or is it “dittens?”
IPod/cell phone single unit is coming. Compelling.
The Bruins may actually be a better team than we think.
I dropped a 15lb frozen turkey on my leg yesterday. Ow.
If you’re good looking and in the army, you don’t have to carry arms
The “Miller Lite Golden Gate Bridge?“
The homeless are being paid to wait [...]

Disaster On Board!

Do you know why the Pilgrims stopped in Massachusetts first? They had been cleared to land at a shore in another state but they ended up here because……..wait for it…….they were out of beer. No lie. Story here. I never knew that.