OK, you may see a pattern developing here, but does anyone remember this one? Another song that I used to LOVE when it came out in roughly 1984. I miss music videos. I think.

1,499 Miles

Nothing says “good times” like Little Rock, AR, which is where I’ll be the next two days. My plan is to sample lots of barbeque and try not to get scolded by Bill Clinton! In the meantime, enjoy this Slade video – this was actually a big hit on the radio that you will most […]

Nothing Comes Between Me & My Whey

Designer Whey Originally uploaded by rustedrobot. Had a somewhat humorous moment at Trader Joe’s recently. As I’ve written here previously, once or twice a week I mix up a smoothie for breakfast. The ingredients that are mainstays in the smoothie are a banana, milk, orange juice and vanilla protein powder. That never changes. I then […]

He’d Rather Be Dead Than Cool

Kurt Cobain Originally uploaded by rustedrobot. I came across this article tonight and I thought it very interesting. For those of you who don’t feel like clicking it or taking the three minutes to read it, let me paraphrase for you lazy SOB’s: on the 15th anniversary of “Nevermind’s” release, the author isn’t a huge […]

OK OK…..

Dork On Golf Originally uploaded by rustedrobot. Now THAT”S more like me. Right? I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those other clothes in real life.

Bird Is The Word

Jeff – Master Golfer Originally uploaded by rustedrobot. I haven’t bought a new video game for the PC for quite a while now, so a few days ago, I went out and bought the EA Sports Tiger Woods golf game. I’m getting better at it, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they […]

She Goes Running For The Shelter…..

Once in a blue moon I wake up and I just want to change everything. I look around at everything I’ve amassed, worked hard for, or the things I put research and effort into buying and I think “what the hell is it all for?” Would I be just as happy with less, just simply […]