Fire The Headline Writer

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Or maybe the GM is so caught up in the trade deadline that he felt he had to do something. Why not trade someone from your own team to…..your own team.

Jet Blue, Rachael Ray & Dumb People

I took my virgin voyage on Jet Blue last week. I think they’re the only airline that offers non-stop service from Boston to Austin, TX and I am all about flying direct these days. I’ve heard from so many people how great Jet Blue is, so I was anxious to give ‘er a shot. The [...]

Go To Your Room!

Not sure I’d want to spend $13,000 on it, but a home office like this one looks really cool to me. I’ve got the yard for it, too. Check out the three screenshots for close-ups.
Excellent and funny write-up of a friend’s visit to see Steely Dan and (gulp) Michael McDonald, he of Doobie Brothers fame. [...]

The Roads You Will Take

Writing today from the insanely cool Hotel San Jose in Austin, Texas. I don’t know what happened yesterday – my post got cut off. Here’s what I wrote:
This week marks five years for me at That’s rather mind-blowing. It seemed like just yesterday when I was sitting in Chicago with a good friend, my [...]

Money, Get Away

Our House, Maynard, MA
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This is our house, located in Maynard, MA. When we first bought it nearly three years ago, it was in good shape structurally, but nearly everything else needed to be changed, replaced or updated. Oh, did we ever update. I won’t bore you with the details, [...]

Love Thy Brother

I realized last night that I only wrote one post last week. An extraordinarily busy business trip to NYC was some of the cause, but as mentioned before, the idea-meter for posts is running low lately.
So yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of my marriage and we celebrated by wandering around Newbury St. in Boston for [...]

Never Trouble Trouble ‘Till Trouble Troubles You

The subject line of today’s post is pulled from someone’s “quotation” in my dad’s high school yearbook. How I remember this, I have no single idea, because I haven’t seen that yearbook in many years now. I just remember it. Neat quote.
So, my brief respite from the blog (and from life) yesterday and today was [...]