Waitin’ On A Friend

It’s been a slow week of blogging, I admit. Part of that is because I was on a business trip that had me doing a bit of running around, but it’s mostly because I have little to say. Just one of those patches, I suppose. I never really stop and think about the volume of [...]

Minimum wage. This is a tough issue, right? For ev…

Minimum wage. This is a tough issue, right? For everyday liberals like me, it’s not so tough, really. You look at the fact that in each of the last nine years, a minimum wage increase has been shot down by the administration, yet Senate has voted for raises for themselves in each of those years. [...]

People Who Lead, Some Who Don’t

Hey man, what’s up?
As I continue to read about the amazing life of Harry Truman (now on page 436 of his bio), Time Magazine puts an older obsession of mine on its front cover this week. Two years ago I was knee-deep in not one, but two 800+ page biographies on Theodore Roosevelt, whose life [...]

Turning Over A New Tree

How dumb was my day yesterday? I had to get up at 5am to catch a 7am flight down to Atlanta, in order to connect to another flight at 10:30 to get to a much smaller city. So I get to the airport at 6:15 in a daze and I’m sitting on the plane at [...]

Took Ya Long Enough

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For those of you who haven’t experimented with RSS yet, today’s post will hopefully encourage you to give it a try. Many everyday or casual web users have probably heard of RSS, but then they get turned off at the prospect of actually using it, thinking it’s too complicated [...]

The Bells (In Carolina) Ring No No No No No….

A cruise through this morning’s Globe and other randomness:

I knew bees were industrious and helpful for certain crops and all, but I had no idea that a) there’s such a worsening shortage of some of the best “workers” and b) that beekeeping is such a serious business. This very interesting piece in this morning’s paper [...]

I’m Going To Love You ‘Till the End of Time

Near East Rice Pilaf
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There aren’t many things you can say you’ve been doing almost literally your entire life. You may go through phases of certain things, you may have picked something up ten years ago that feels like you’ve been doing it forever, but when you step back and [...]