Time….Keeps Flowing Like A River

I was actually wondering when The Boston Globe would realize that it’s a new century and decide to stop publishing stock quotes in the daily paper. I mean, who looks at stock quotes in the actual newspaper anymore? I’m not sure how much it costs the Globe per page to publish the newspaper, but you [...]

Memorial Day By The Numbers:

Jeff Using Mind to Elevate Ball
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Number of times the grill was used: 4
Number of times used my mind to lift ball in the air: 1 (see picture)
Number of songs played in ITunes: 33
Number of songs actually heard: 29 (due to shower)
Number of bowls/cones of ice cream ingested: 4
Number of [...]

Desk Monkey (camera phone)

Desk Monkey (camera phone)
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This monkey has been with me now for over five years. For all five of my years at Ask.com, it has stood on my desk, devotedly offering my business card to any takers. I think it’s meant to hold playing cards, but who knows. It was [...]

The News – As We’d Want It

Man, The Onion always gets it right.
Today I offer public kudos to my pal over at Fort Miley for his creative panache in “saluting” the Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski. Well done!


Nice piece here about EMusic and their approach to the purchasing/downloading of music online. It’s the only place I’ll buy music for download anymore. If it’s not available on EMusic, I buy it on CD, rip it to MP3, and sell it back to a used record store.
Contact lens wearers: I’ve been in lenses now [...]

Rating the Season Finales

The TV critic in me is loose. Alias wrapped up its five year run last night and although I missed the first two seasons, I was a regular watcher for its last three. Watching the finale prompted me to write this morning’s post, which will contain a few sentences about the season (or series) [...]

A River Gushes Through It

It’s not uncommon for me to go six months wondering where the good new music can be found. Many people often ask me “how do you find all the music you listen to?” It’s a slippery slope, kids. Most of my discovery comes in two forms these days: word-of-mouth from friends and sampling songs online, [...]