…….And His Own Sweat Smells The Best

While in the back of a cab on a recent business trip, a co-worker was telling me a rather amusing story about a recent meeting where he had to borrow the suit coat of another co-worker because, well, he had forgotten to pack his deodorant and it was a warm day. I asked him about [...]

A Selfish Reason For Not Minding The High Gas Prices

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It’s time for the quarterly stock update. As you recall, last fall I bought stock through a brokerage for the first time and decided to put the money into renewable energy. At an 88% return-on-investment, it has proven to be quite a good decision. The visibility and stock of [...]

I Was Born In A Little Bitty Tar Hut, Part IV

King Radio, Circa 2003
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It was one of those extremely rare occasions when I was actually able to sleep in a moving vehicle. Under the circumstances, however, it wasn’t all that surprising, seeing as though I’d spent the previous two-and-a-half weeks in what we warmly referred to as “The Crankyville [...]


Bruins Email
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Hmmmm….interesting. I received this email tonight from the Boston Bruins Executive Vice President. Interesting approach. Looks like he opted for the straightforward route. Click on the pic if you can’t see it clearly enough.

I Was Born In A Little Bitty Tar Hut III

I was thinking the other day about how great it would be to amass all the pictures we took from the Tar Hut days. Those of you who know Dave, one of the three Tar Hut principals, knows that he doesn’t go far without his camera. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if Dave rolled out [...]

Are You “Suri”ous?

I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again. Oh, how I love Defamer.com. If it weren’t such a low-paying, factory style blogging job, in fact, it might be my dream job. I offer nothing tonight except this slice of near-perfection, in reference to Suri, the freshly minted female offspring of Katie Holmes and Tom [...]

Is There An Award Called “Best Abolition of a Greek System?”

Ugh. I’ve historically sung the praises of Kent State, my alma mater. I spent four pretty glorious years there, actually learned a lot, grew up, had some unbelieveable experiences (I mean, pretty much standing in the Blue Jays dugout when Joe Carter hit his World Series-winning home run? Yeah, that was cool) and Kent is [...]