Just A Little Patience, Yeah….Yeah

Chuck Klosterman reviews the upcoming Guns ‘N’ Roses album. Of particular note are the shots Axl takes at Velvet Revolver and the indication from Klosterman that we’re in for another sprawling epic – and I don’t think that’s a good sign.
Guns ‘N’ Roses are, simply put, an enigma. Other than, say, a five-year period from [...]

The Jeff De Triomphe

The Arc De Triomphe
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Until last week, I had never been outside of North America – just the U.S. and Canada, in fact. Although my travel experience has been what I consider fairly extensive, it’s largely been limited to business travel with the occasional family trip when I was younger, [...]

Item Five: The Man Comes Back

Jay Farrar, Circa 1997
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One would guess that I would return here to The Robot after ten days vacation with some long, overly verbose attempt to be profound about my first trip ever overseas (London & Paris) but it’s not happening on this day. Oh, don’t worry though, it will [...]

Oh, No…..

I couldn’t agree more with Bob Lefsetz’s rant about the abomination that is The New Cars. What’s happened is this: one of my favorite Boston bands ever, The Cars, have reunited, but there’s only two original members and they are not named Ric Ocasek (he just won’t do it) or Ben Orr (he’s unavailable right [...]

Hey….You’re That Guy

Me: Circa 1997
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Yesterday I was reading through my friend Leo’s rather serendipitous story about the days leading up to the launch of Tar Hut Records. Those were such interesting times. Meeting Dave for the first time was like meeting a long, lost brother. This fact was cemented a year [...]

Basketball Is Dumb

Kent State Golden Flashes
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OK, so I hate basketball. I can’t watch four minutes of it, forget four quarters. I do have immense respect for most professional/college athletes and the work they put into “getting there,” but basketabll was just never a game I could get into.
The last time I [...]

You Don’t Have To Shout Or Leap About…..

I can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t be at The Paradise in Boston tonight for what promises to be an excellent show – Nada Surf and Rogue Wave will both be toting their excellent brand(s) of indie rock to the masses. The new Nada Surf album, The Weight Is A Gift has grown [...]