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So here I sit, typing this monring in Monroe, Louisiana. Not many highlights so far about Monroe, other than the fact that it’s near 70 degrees and yesterday on the plane I sat near a guy who was wearing Jack Daniels whiskey pants. It’s just what you would imagine – they’re sort of sweat pants, [...]

Why Knott?

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When someone says “you have a face made for comedy,” you can either take it the wrong way or take it like a guy with a sense of humor. I’m sure Don Knotts was told that on many occasions and from what I’ve been reading in his obituaries something [...]

Do You Believe In Whining? YES!

Stupid, spolied athlete story #3,456:
Mike Modano of the U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey team, after what can only be labeled as a pathetic team performance, steps off the ice after the team was eliminated yesterday and proceeds to do a dead-on impression of a little girl who just lost her dolly. Modano was complaining that the [...]

I Know I Could Have Loved You, But You Would Not Let Me

The Mac
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Oh, you know the story. Band forms. Singer and insanely talented guitar player fall in love. Piano player and bass player fall in love and marry. Drummer falls in love with everyone in the band. Singer and guitar player fight and break up. Piano player and bass player [...]

You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

Amory Lovins, co-founder of the environmental think-tank Rocky Mountain Institute, offers his very compelling thoughts and arguments regarding just how much both Republicans and Democrats are dropping the ball on renewable energy in this great piece from Discovery magazine.
The topics include include energy/electricity, oil, new plastics, hydrogen and wind. KEY: his writing is simple, easy [...]

Ray Bjork

Ray Bjork
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You Have A 50% Chance, But There’s Only A 10% Chance That Will Happen

Housecleaning the brain….

Consumers getting tax credits for the purchase of hybrid cars is a good idea, of course, but this morning’s New York Times lays out some of the complications around the tax credits, including the fairly amusing part about the consumer essentially having to guess when to buy the car in order to get [...]