Big Nothing, Indeed

I’m on vacation and doing nothing, which feels about perfect. One highlight: I’ve learned my first song on the guitar, Elliot Smith’s “Ballad Of Big Nothing.”

It’s The Only Way To Live

My 2002 Toyota Camry, which I’ve owned since its birth, hit 50,000 miles today. I suspect my car is now entering the “teen” years – that period of time when it will probably start acting up and changing appearance. With any luck, Toyota’s near-pristine reputation for performance and longevity will translate to minimal problems, but [...]

Am I a mean, dressed-up coal miner?

Mean, dressed-up coal miner?
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As evidenced by my fairly infrequent posting here lately, I have been involved a nearly month-long process for work that took up so much of my time and thoughts that it was simply overwhelming. I was dreaming about word documents, excel spreadsheets, presentations and anything else [...]

2005. Some Real Good Records.

Teenage Fanclub – Man-Made (2005)
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Sunday night, sitting in a hotel in NYC. No better time for this:
The following are the records I listened to the most during 2005, plus short descriptions on each. It is not ranked in any way, shape or form. I tried to think about how [...]

This One’s For You, Bruins Fans:

Quote of the day comes from Andrew Alberts, pro hockey player who was sent down to the minor leagues a few weeks ago and called back up to the big leagues this week:
“It is a little different down there than up here and it took the first couple of games to get used to,” Alberts [...]


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As a related addendum to my post below, it’s quite amazing what CNN is up to these days, eh? Anything to drive clicks and extra ad revenue……I wonder how many people are falling for it? Sad.

Cue the Sanford & Son Theme Song

Because of my never-ending work schedule lately (which had me up rubbing my eyes and firing off emails at 1am this morning), I hadn’t realized all the hubbub around the Stanley “Tookie” Williams thing. I had seen it in the paper, how he’s been on death row now for 24 years after committing four atrocious [...]