Holy Shitsky! I Think I Just Wrote A Wilco Song!

It’s not that hard, really. Here we go:
“Yellowed Photographs”
Loads of people at the drive through
Loads of bees in the flowers
Doing the dew on top of mountains
after eating meth in the shower
Tell my mother I play guitar
Tell my father I play for him
Tell my sister I ate her textbooks
Tell my brother I stole his rims
I was [...]

Fat Flabby Annie Was Incredibly Big

Earlier tonight we watched a fascinating segment on 60 Minutes called Whose Life Is It Anyway?, which explored the rights of employees and the corporations they work for. Or, I should say, it explored the fact that employees virtually have no rights in the workplace, especially around the issue of termination.
The piece was largely focused [...]

Smoke A Cigarette & Smile As I Frown

Many words are available in the English language to describe a story like this, but I think “oh, shit” qualifies nicely. One can gauge the seriousness of a world issue by the amount of people who comment off the record and need to remain anonymous – this piece is positively filled with them.
Most notable is [...]

Rip Me Off A Piece Of That

Red Sox Fiction
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On a rainy night at Fenway Park sometime during the storybook 2004 season, I stood huddled and cold with a friend in the concourse under the third base grandstands. We had a solid premonition that the game would be called, but you never leave a Red Sox [...]

Why’s everyone so stoic?

Why’s everyone so stoic?
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I remember this day like it was just sixty years ago. During this one meeting at the summit, there was serious discussion about the location of possible war trials and the punishment that would be handed down to the SS. Things got really serious, so I [...]

…not the Hedgehog, not the fast food, not the Youth

Son Volt @ The Paradise, 10-23-05
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There’s really only one word to describe the return of Son Volt after several years on hiatus: sonic. It had been so long since I’d witnessed Jay Farrar in his live rock persona that I’d actually forgotten how powerful Son Volt truly is. Exhibit [...]

The Magazine Personality Test?

The magazines you subscribe to probably say a lot about you. I subscribe to the following periodicals:
Consumer Reports
Men’s Health
This Old House
Cooking Light
No Depression (music)
Harp (Music)
The Boston Globe
ESPN Magazine
Business Week Online
What do you subscribe to?