MP3 Of The Week: Her Name Is Nancy….and Frankie Is Her Pa

I’ve decided on a merger of sorts. Over the last few years I’ve been thinking about who would end up being my ten favorite bands of the 1990’s. It took me five years to figure it out, but I’ve finally done it. I’m not doing a stupid countdown or anything, either, because it’s simply impossible [...]

Again – Fire The Coppee Editor!

Oh, Boston Globe, why must you make my life so much easier when it comes to idea generation for my blog? Today’s gaffe, probably one of the worst of all time, comes on pages 3 and 5 of the Sports section, where they’ve run the exact same article twice about Mark Bellhorn possibly signing with [...]

Katrina & The Waves

“Walking On Sunshine” will not be the song that people in New Orleans and the surrounding areas will be singing to themselves over the next couple of days. In case you’ve kept your head in a vacuum over the last couple of days, Hurricane Katrina is poised to kick some serious ass in New Orleans [...]

When It Rains, It Typhoons

Hey, remember just two weeks ago when I was lamenting my Toyota Camry’s trip for just $200 worth of scheduled maintenance, only to be socked in the gut with an $1800 bill for brakes (among other things)? And how, just two days prior to that scheduled maintenance, I had just gotten the car back from [...]

Fyre The Copy Editor!

Every so often in my daily morning sojurn through the Boston Globe, I’ll come across an incredible oversight on the part of the copy editing team at the Globe. I often wonder how people can miss such glaring mistakes, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right? I mean, I often find my own grammatical errors long after [...]

Back When Bell Biv Devoe Roamed Earth…..

OK, so a week or two ago I mentioned that my wife Stephanie has made the claim on several occasions that back in high school, I possessed a mullet. While I can never flatly deny this, my retort has always been that my hair may have toed the mullet line, but an argument could probably [...]

You Warriors Are Good…….Real Good

I heard somewhere over the past couple of days that retail stores like Home Depot and Costco are getting themselves into the gasoline game. This could be fun. Should that happen anytime soon, I would expect some fireworks. You can be sure that retail outlets like these would view gasoline as a clear loss leader [...]