Threw Out The Past

What is it about blogging that introduces completely new and (mostly) interesting things about people who are close to you? Take, for instance, my friend Leo. Leo has recently begun penning his own blog, Fifteen Key, the title of which is taken from an 11 year old Uncle Tupelo song. I’ll get to that later, [...]

Now It’s Back Where We Started

If you’ve been reading this site for even a couple of months, you probably know that the subject of energy use has been a frequent topic. Today, though, I need to mildly complain about a measure employed more and more frequently in places like office buildings and airports: water conservation. I understand the need for [...]

Leave The Angles For The Shills

Okay, another installment of mystery picture. Anyone want to guess?
So, it looks as if the Bush energy plan is going to pass into law fairly soon. As expected, there’s very little encouragement here for tighter emissions controls, a problem that Bush apparantly feels isn’t a problem, despite nearly all science indicating it is. Instead, the [...]

Washing Dishes, Birthday wishes, Watching Baseball Matches

Random thoughts as I sit in my New York City hotel room on a Sunday night, hoping Mark Prior can get a win against the Cardinals. Fantasy baseball purposes only, of course.
- Can someone shed any light on the situation with putting Tupperware in the dishwasher? Whenever I put the dishes away, everything else is [...]

I’m Not Like Them, But I Can Pretend

Oh, I love stories like this one. Whenever an out-of-touch politician goes out in public, hilarity often ensues. When I say “goes out in public,” by the way, I don’t mean stepping out onto a podium to read a well-rehearsed and pre-written speech. I don’t mean walking down the steps of the state house into [...]

Yeah, You Too

So I stopped by the liquor store on the way home from my hockey game last night to pick up a six pack of beer. Red Hook ESB, to be specific. That’s my latest must-have beer. Anyway, I drop the six pack on the counter and the old Chinese man who runs the place makes [...]

Fantasy Land

Total baseball geekout:
A few of you know that I participate in fantasy sports leagues, particularly baseball ones. This season, in fact, I am in three different fantasy baseball leagues. I also partake in the fantasy football, however I know much, much less about football than I know about baseball. In comparing my performances in my [...]