I Turn My Camera On II

OK, time to play “guess the picture.” Go ahead and guess. If you get it right, you’ll win nothing except for marginal admiration. Have fun.

I Turn My Camera On

I finally managed to re-size, crop and put together a photo slideshow of the recent visit from Sloan, who, may I remind you, are one of our world’s finest live bands. I still don’t think the pictures do much justice of the live experience. You simply have to be there to appreciate the effort these [...]

Short On Tact In Long Island

Yesterday was one of those surreal business travel days where you end up in a haze of travel by late afternoon – planes, trains and automobiles, indeed. One specific event, however, capped it off.
My morning alarm went off at home at 5am, and out the door I went to catch a 7am flight to LaGuardia. [...]

My Own Sweat Smells The Best

Today is Ray Davies 61st birthday. I’ve told many people who will listen (and that number is ever-dwindling) that I believe Ray Davies is without question the most underrated songwriter of all time and that I will match his pre-1975 songwriting talents up, song-for-song, against anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Davies ability to shine lyrical light on both [...]

When I Was Young, I Never Needed Anyone….

Inspired by a post on Ken Norton’s Blog, here are some things I would have written about had blogging been around in college (1989-1994):
- Rage Against The Machine is so overrated.
- Why I have to hear “Brown Eyed Girl” every time I go to a bar.
- Why only 800-1000 people show up to a Div. [...]

It Hurts, It’s Cruel, But It Feels Real Good

Wednesday night found your devoted robot servant driving all over the state in search of fun. First it was a trip to the Geek Boutique, Maynard’s mom-and-pop computer store, staffed by friendly, knowledgeable guys and gals. I always try to support the local businesses, so I relied on them to help me pick out a [...]

You Radiate Cold Shafts Of Broken Glass

So, word comes out of the jolly U.K. that Pink Floyd will be reuniting for the big Live8 concert being held this summer. It’s not a true reunion, for Syd Barrett remains in the womb-like place where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are on their way to (start the arm flailing and cue the crazy-bird [...]