Don’t Feel Sorry Because You Suck

A Reuters article in this morning’s Boston Globe says this about the movie industry’s recent slump:
“Overall sales continued their downward trajectory for a 14th consecutive weekend, compared with the same period a year ago. Industry obervers blame the drought on such factors as a paucity of durable adult-targeted fare, rising ticket prices and competition from [...]

Item Five: You Can Blow Out A Candle, But You Can’t Blow Out A Fire

Today I’m getting serious and I ask you to read what I have to say below.
It was a windswept and rainy Sunday on Easter in San Francisco this year. I woke up on that Easter Sunday some 3,300 miles from home because of a work trip and upon getting out of bed and peeking outside, [...]

I’m Looking Through You, You’re Not The Same

The Boston Globe points out in this morning’s edition that if the weather continues as expected, it will have rained 18 out of 31 days this month and the average temperature will be roughly 10 degrees colder than the average May. I’m just sayin.’
Sorry to keep beating the Scrabble horse, but I think I’ve really [...]

Anyone Know What Fleawort Is?

Last week I made a big mistake. I downloaded Scrabble from TryMedia Games for $19.99 to play on my computer. I’ve now been reduced to a shriveling mass of nerves and tissue with a complete lack of self-esteem or self-confidence in my ability to create words.
Previously, as mentioned here,, I felt like I was a [...]

They Go Wild When The Lights Go Down

A quick word about my current town. Maynard, Massachusetts is one of those towns a lot of us thought we’d never live in when we grew up. It was always one of those areas some would describe as a “mill town” – very blue collar, maybe a little rough around the edges. Lots of pizza [...]

All You Zombies

Over the weekend, Steph and I flew down to Philadelphia to visit some friends/family and get away for a couple of days. Two round trip tix from Manchester, NH to Philly – $150! It’s kind of sad to think that we have to pay to fly somewhere to get away from what seems like constant [...]

Quick Music Interlude

Dan Cederholmhas passed me a musical baton. This gives me another excuse to write about music. What a departure. Here goes!
Total volume of music files on my computer: 12.1 GB
The last CD I bought was: “Gimme Fiction” by Spoon
Song playing right now: “Take Me Down To The Infirmary” by Cracker
Five songs I listen to [...]