Once I Rose Above The Noise & Confusion

Shout out to Lawrence, Kansas. I was scanning the web to see if anyone or any entity could lay claim to some Anders Parker live material when I came across a TV show called “Turnpike.” It seems the last time Parker toured through Lawrence, “Turkpike” shot a feature on him, containing an interview and also [...]

…I Do Believe I’ve Had Enough

A guy just stands in the middle of the road with a giant afro. A large statue of an eagle looks over the city near the MetLife building. I marvel at what that eagle has seen during its long, frozen life. I (day?)dream about how amazing it would be to jump up there, sit down [...]

Deliver Colonel Sanders Down To Davey Jones Locker

A few months ago I went to a minor league hockey game in Worcester, Massachusetts with my friend and fellow hockey fan Brian Coleman. Brian is a huge fan of Peter Forsberg and while I have a difficult time comprehending that, I allow it. Anyway, he and I have a very long history. We are [...]

There Are No Sins Inside The Gates Of Eden

Well, this certainly constitutes a shocker. It’s actually difficult to believe that they actually named John Ratzenberger the new pope, but it seems true. It’s not really a traditional appointment, but maybe the church has decided that it’s time to pay tribute to pop culture, you know? Perhaps an attempt to get a more younger, [...]

Everybody’s Looking For Something

I have these recurring dreams. I’m writing. Writing. Writing furiously. They’re long, complex and beautiful sentences, using words I’ve never heard before. Words that don’t even exist, in fact, yet it all makes perfect sense. Nobody ever sees or reads it, though. They’re only in my thoughts and by the time I take a second [...]

Here Is Your Throat Back, Thanks For The Loan

I did two things this weekend that I have never done before.
1. Saw Merle Haggard live. I know, I know, you think of Merle Haggard and you probably think it’s the music that only overweight, 65 year old truck drivers listen to anymore. Wrong. Merle Haggard is probably more punk rock than anything on your [...]

The Pump Don’t Work ‘Cause The Vandals Took The Handles

Two related stories in this morning’s Boston Globe: one of the city’s mainstay publications, The Atlantic, has announced they are packing up and moving south, to Washington, D.C. The magazine, a 148 year Boston institution, doesn’t come right out and say it’s just too expensive to do business in Boston these days, but read between [...]